Knee pain? Here’s something you might have missed



  • This problem can ruin your life, and doctors are missing a trick
  • The Active 3 Knee Support has been designed to make full use of the latest research into knee osteoarthritis
  • An new innovation from a football coach that could help any knee problem, from joint pain to a sprain, take a look at this

There are lots of things that hurt in life…

A kick to the shins, headache, raging sore tooth, stubbing your toe on the leg of a bed (I did this yesterday!).

But knee pain is one of those agonies that not only hurts, but seems to affect everything you do, and is really hard to get rid of.

I know this to be true…

In my early 30s my knee cap moved out of place… though I hadn’t realised that at the time because the doctor said it was just a “sprain” and would “go away”.

When it didn’t “go away” he prescribed painkillers that made my cheeks swell up like a hamster’s and did little for the pain.

Meanwhile, it was hard to do anything in daily life that didn’t cause my knee to hurt…

It hurt to sit down… it hurt to stand up… it hurt to sit at my desk… my knee even throbbed when I lay in bed.

And kneeling? Forget it!

What I wasn’t offered at the time – which would have really helped – was proper knee support.

Saying that, even if I had been given a support back then, I would have dismissed it as nothing other than a sticking plaster over a gaping wound – a temporary fix that did nothing to solve the problem.

But I would have been totally wrong.

What researchers have discovered about the healing power of knee support

I’ve no doubt that you’ve come across knee supports before. Like most people you might think they simply offer support and nothing else. Almost as if they’re like someone holding you up when you feel a little weak.

But here’s some fascinating research that suggests they do a lot more.

At Manchester University in 2005, Arthritis Research UK-funded researchers studied the effects of bracing the knee on pain relief.

They found that is significantly improved the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis affecting the kneecap.

Dr Michael Callaghan, a member of the research team said:

“There’s a pressing need for non-surgical interventions for knee osteoarthritis, and little attention has been paid to treatments particularly aimed at the kneecap (the patellofemoral joint), a major source of knee pain.”

He explained that a simple lightweight knee-brace can “dramatically improve the symptoms and function for people” who suffer osteoarthritis in the knee.

Which brings me to something known as the JS Knee Support.

A new material that supports and braces, while supplying heat and flexibility to your knee

This is a fantastic innovation developed by a licensed football coach named John Sinclair.

He too realised the healing power of knee supports, but felt that most versions you get simply don’t give enough strength and stability… too mild and flimsy… while the ones with stronger bracing doesn’t give the joint the flexibility it needs to move around.

So he came up with a solution made from a material called Neoprene®.

This provides support you need, aids long term pain relief and removes the risk that you’ll injure your knee while its vulnerable. It also locks in heat around the joint, helping to sooth and heal.

This is something we have been eager to get into The People’s Doctor shop for ages, as it’s a fantastically strong product in which you get a moneyback trial period to make absolutely sure it works for you.

This is something you should consider if…

• Your knees ache when you bend down
• You get pain in the knees when gardening, driving or sitting at your desk
• You’ve got an injury like a twist or sprain
• You have joint pain problems that affect your knee

We’ve put all the details up on our webpage here: Try out this knee support risk-free

An alternative to drugs.

There is a massive need for natural innovations like this.

As Dr Michael Callaghan pointed out in 2013, finding alternatives to surgery and painkillers is vital.

Knee pain is one of the most pressing musculoskeletal problems that affect people in the UK.

This is because the knee joint is quite complex. It’s the union of three bones – the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone) and patella (knee cap). These are held together by ligaments and the quadriceps muscle. To help them move there’s cartilage, as well as menisci to lubricate that movement.

Like any machine, this is vulnerable to wear and tear. If any of those parts break down you get knee pain. So it’s not surprising that it’s a widespread problem.

For me, even a slight moving of the knee cap caused almost 6 months of agony – and it was only a combination of Pilates, physio, a new office chair and TIME that got me out of it. A support would have accelerated this dramatically.

Anyway so now I know!

But if you have any knee pain at all, this is something you can help by using a really good quality support like this: proven relief for painful stiff knees.

I’ll be back with more on Saturday – until then, stay as pain free as possible!

Kind Regards


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