Good news (but only if you’re a squid)


  • The squid with the weird eyes, new research reveals the reason
  • Headaches? Trouble reading? Sore eyes? This is probably why…
  • See how ActiveShade Training Glasses can help your eyesight

There’s a squid with a really strange face.

I don’t mean to impose an idea of ‘beauty’ on a poor creature that can’t help how it looks.

And yes, squid are ugly at the best of times.

But this thing…


It has one MASSIVE bulging, pulsating yellow eye.

And then one ordinary, tiny squid eye.

This is why it’s known, rather cruelly, as the “cockeyed squid”.

Not that it’s bothered.

Research published this month by Duke University reveals why this squid NEEDS mismatched eyes to hunt and escape from predators.

One eye looks upwards for the dark shadows of sea creatures above it… the other searches below for the light of bioluminescent creatures in the deep.

In a sense it has two eyes doing the opposite thing, which is why they are two entirely different forms.

Well done, cockeyed squid!

However, we humans have evolved with two eyes placed near each other on the fronts of our heads. This is so we can look out towards the horizon for prey.

It means that for us mismatched eyes are not good news.

When one eye is strong than the other, well, that’s when problems happen.

Headaches? Poor concentration? Problems Driving? This might be why…

You see, vision loss never strikes both eyes at the same time.

It begins in one eye first…

The symptoms begin with blurriness while reading… difficulty when looking at object up close… headaches and eye-strain when you’re at the computer… squinting while you’re driving.

It can affect your work… make your daily life awkward and frustrating… and even cause accidents.

If you don’t tackle the problem immediately, your eyes will get weaker and more mismatched over time and eventually the blurring becomes permanent.

That’s usually when you need glasses.

But glasses don’t solve the problem. They’re inconvenient, expensive and can damage your self-confidence.

Instead you need to strengthen that weaker eye using a proven therapeutic device like this.

How covering one eye can change your life

Scientists in ophthalmological research have shown that regularly covering one eye can significantly strengthen vision…

You see, when one of your eyes is covered every 2 seconds, the muscles in your other eye become stronger and more resilient. This is because it’s repeatedly forced to focus and rely less on the stronger.

Over time, this strengthens your eyes, dramatically improving your near and spatial vision.

What’s more, it can prevent the headaches, blurring, pain and strain associated with poor vision.

This in turn improves your overall health and well-being.

In other words, when your vision is clear, your mind is clear, and you feel good.

This technique has been so successful in recent years that eye training exercises are now popular with therapists worldwide.

These are known as orthoptic exercises. You can experience these benefits – without needing constant visits to opticians and therapists – through wearing something like this for just 15 minutes.

Is failing eyesight always inevitable?

Many older people simply accept that their eyesight is getting worse… and will keep getting worse.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

There is another way…

If your vision loss is not caused by eye disease, your eyesight problem can halted, delayed, or even reversed…

Activeshade is a natural eye-strengthening therapy that takes just 15 minutes a day to protect your eyes from age-related vision loss.

We’ve all seen those children in the park wearing glasses with one lens covered up. This is a more sophisticated version of that classic vision correcting tool – and you don’t need to walk around in them.

Just put them on for 15 minutes each day and let the crystal technology train your eyes to focus more clearly.

The device pinpoints which of your eyes are weaker and then trains it to catch up with the stronger one.


Well the lenses in Activeshade contain transparent liquid crystals that can switch from clear to dark, every 2 seconds. A transparent lens force your weaker eye to focus harder, repeating this over and over again, until the vision begins to sharpen.

After 15 minutes’ easy, pain free therapy, done regularly the weaker eye learns to focus again without the help from the stronger eye.

Used regularly, ActiveShade glasses can:

– Reduce blurred vision at a normal reading distance
– Reduce visual fatigue, headaches, eye strain from reading, sewing and other close work
– Reduce the pain of computer vision syndrome.
– Improve your eyesight over time

In other words, they’re the glasses that can stop you needing glasses.

Click here for more details.

But make sure you test them while they’re on a risk-free trial

I’d highly recommend giving these a go, even if you’re sceptical that they can help you. There’s a special risk-free trial on offer that means you can test them out for four weeks to see if there’s an improvement.

If not, send them back for a refund!

Right, that’s it from me. Until next time…

Stay healthy!


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