Can you really reverse the ageing process?



  • New research reveals a natural compound that stops you ageing
  • How to re-start your body’s inner powerhouse
  • The foods that could help turn back the clock

As I admitted earlier this year, I’m a bit of a book geek.

Which was why I was delighted to discover that immersing yourself in a big piece of fiction helps to extend your life.

And you don’t get many books as big and immersive as the one I’m reading,
Jerusalem is a novel by Alan Moore, who usually writes graphic novels like V for Vendetta and The Watchmen, but has spent ten years creating a 1200 word book all about one small working class area of Northampton called The Boroughs.

He not only maps out the real Borough, weaving together different human stories across the centuries…

But he creates a detailed map of the afterlife, too – a kind of ghost version of the very same town.

What’s interesting about his version of ghosts is that they exist in the afterlife as the IDEAL version of themselves at the age where they were happiest.

I guess that’s a form of paradise, isn’t it?

A world in which you are the fittest, happiest, healthiest you.

Now, if you’re REALLY lucky, that version is still ahead of you and I wish you all the luck. Savour it!

However, I’d wager that if – like me – you were given a magic wand or a ticket to the afterlife in a ghost version of your town, you’d probably choose to turn the clock BACK rather than FORWARD.

But is this really possible?

Well, in some ways, yes.

Let’s begin with this new research…

Can we now stop the signs of ageing?

According to a study published in the journal Cell Metabolism on October 27 there’s a natural compound called NMN which stops the signs of ageing.

It stopped age-related weight gain, restored energy and reversed metabolic dysfunction in the skeletal muscles, heart, liver and blood lipids.

“We have shown a way to slow the physiologic decline that we see in aging mice,” said Shin-ichiro Imai from the research team. “This means older mice have metabolism and energy levels resembling that of younger mice. Since human cells rely on this same energy production process, we are hopeful this will translate into a method to help people remain healthier as they age.”

OK, so this was only in mice, but a human trial has already started in Tokyo.

Usually with this kind of cutting-edge research I say “You’ll have to wait until the technology reaches the market” but there is a way to get NMN now.

This compound is found naturally in foods like broccoli, cabbage, cucumber and avocado.

So the first way to turn back the clock is to switch to a diet rich in vegetables and fruits like these.

You can also try a supplement that controls high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. All of these can seriously damage your heart, accelerate the ageing process and cause premature death.

Click here for more information

Finally, if the reason you feel old and stiff is because you’ve muscle or joint pain, then you can help reverse this through electrical currents.

Click the link below to read about a form of electrical therapy could not only ease pain but tackle the cause of that pain, coaxing your body to heal itself.

Dr Frankenstein Was Right!” How Electricity Can Bring You Back to Life

Meanwhile, there’s more research into ageing reversal, I can show you, like this, for instance…

Re-starting your body’s inner powerhouse

Three years ago there was study carried out by the Harvard Medical School and the National Institute on Aging.

They found that one of the causes of ageing in mammals is that there’s a breakdown in communication inside your cells.

The nucleus stops talking to the mitochondria (known as the cell’s “powerhouse”), causing dysfunction that leads to the signs of ageing.

By introducing a natural molecule using the latest cell therapy, scientists have managed to reset the system, returning cells to their fully functional selves.

In other words… they’re turning back the clock.

It sounds crazily futuristic, I know, but this is really happening.

“There’s clearly much more work to be done here,” says Professor of Genetics David Sinclair “but if these results stand, then many aspects of aging may be reversible if caught early.”

So here we are, moving into a brave new age where it could be possible to slow, stop and reverse many of the ageing processes we currently take for granted.

Admittedly, that’s going to create many ethical issues – who gets the treatment and who doesn’t? Who will support the massive numbers elderly people?

But you have a right to know about these options – particularly when there are steps you can take now to extend your life using the natural resources around you.

For one thing, you can always pick up a big, glorious work of fiction and dive into that while eating an avocado salad and getting your knees massaged by a micro-electrical current!

I’ll explain some other ways to turn back the clock in the next issue, so please look out for it.

Until then, stay healthy!


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