This new NHS chart is shocking…



  • Latest statistics reveal that the allergy crisis is worse than I told you about…
  • Why the media and medical response is so baffling
  • News of a brand new-look People’s Doctor resource that could help you with all manner of health problems

Well, this is a shock…

According to new NHS statistics, hospital admissions for allergies have skyrocketed by 33% in just five years.

That’s an extraordinary rise!

And what is to blame…?

Yes, the very same problem I talked about a few weeks ago in this newsletter…

We’re too clean and too obsessed with killing all known germs dead.

Dr Donald Hodge from the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust told the BBC:

“The fact that we’re living in a much cleaner world than a hundred years ago is the main factor behind the rise in the number of admissions for allergies,”

These latest NHS stats are even more startling than those I regaled you with in my email two weeks ago, which you can read here: The epidemic that threatens our immune systems

For me, this is the baffling thing…

Can you think of any other serious health problem that has risen by that much, so quickly, with so little public fuss?

It’s amazing that an epidemic of this kind can be treated so casually…

If this was a new designer street drug (called something like WOW-WOW or BLABBEDY-BOOP) that caused 29,544 hospital admissions in one year…. then can you imagine the outcry in the newspapers?

Tabloids would be all over it, declaring it the greatest scourge of our times.

Yet those are the statistics for allergy-based admissions… almost THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE.

And yet…

The cleaning products continue to be advertised… the antibacterial hand-sprays are everywhere… the advice about the true cause of many allergies never reaches the public… and everyone continues to panic about germs and dirt.

So the problem continues.

And, make no mistake it’s a serious problem…

It’s not just a case of people sniffling and sneezing, coming out in blotches every so often… and it’s not only about minor inconveniences and physical niggles (though why should we put up with these either if they can be avoided?)

With allergies there can be horrible consequences.

To give you an example….

How my daughter’s best friend was

One of my daughter’s best friends at school is an asthma sufferer.
At the start of term she was rushed to hospital… with a collapsed lung triggered by her condition.

This is an eight-year old child!

Her parents were absolutely fraught – and I don’t blame them – and they’re now on constant red alert that her asthma could flare up and cause this to happen again.

One morning this week it was raining on the school run and her Dad had to argue with a teacher (who didn’t know about the seriousness problem) that she couldn’t line up in the playground outside like the other kids… they needed to rush her into the classroom immediately as cold rain is a trigger.

My wife also has asthma, a late onset version that struck in her late 20s. I remember when she was pregnant she had a severe attack in our flat and ended up in hospital on a nebuliser machine! They had to keep her in for three days and run regular tests to make sure the baby was OK.

Her asthma was something I’d always seen as a mild condition, a troublesome niggle – until she was lain on a bed, with our unborn child in danger.

That was when I went and ordered her one of these brilliant devices (I’ll explain more about this in in a moment).

Anyway, I can wager that you either have an allergy or know someone close to you who suffers, too.

So here are some solutions to consider…

First, if you want to read more about our overly clean world and the problems it causes, check out this article I put on the site: What REALLY happens when your food falls on the floor

Also, do check out this article too – the epidemic that threatens our immune systems, as it includes a diet that boosts your resistance.

Next, I recommend you visit The People’s Doctor’s brand new-look online shop.

We’ve tried to make this new shop as user-friendly as possible. Not only is it easier to navigate around the shop and browse for remedies, you can now enter an ailment and see all the available products that might help.

So if you type in ‘allergies’ for instance, you’ll get this page where you’ll find a respiratory trainer to help strengthen your breathing and ward off the symptoms of allergies, including asthma.

You’ll also find an ingenious natural alternative to artificial detergents that will wash your clothes without causing allergic reactions, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.
Even if you don’t have an allergy, this is something to consider as it’s eco-friendly and better for your skin in general. See this page of the shop for more details:

Something that’s helped my wife for years

Finally, I’d urge you to take a look at this special report we’ve put online for you here:

It reveals a natural salt-based cleanser for your respiratory system that can:

  • control chronic coughs and asthma
  • naturally minimise the effects of hay fever
  • keep your air passages clean and pollution-free

This is something we highly recommend to asthma sufferers but also as a remedy for snoring and coughs – which could come in useful over the coming winter months.
I can give this my personal endorsement as I bought an early version of the SaltPipe for my wife six years ago! The new version is even better because it’s refillable (and you can get refills on our shop).

Anyway, I hope some of these web resources help. If there’s anything you’d particularly like me to research and write about for future issues of the People’s Doctor, do let me know!

Until next time, stay healthy!



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