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There’s no fancy picture at the top of today’s email.

I was researching and writing something completely different when the news broke at last Friday.

And I had to down tools, and start this email instead.

It’s something that so serious, it doesn’t really fit any picture, other than a photo of an angry looking me with a copy of a daily newspaper rolled up like a baton.

So what’s this about?

Well, I don’t know if you missed it, but an almighty row broke out at the end of last week. It was about a new report in The Lancet that stated the following:

The cholesterol-busting drugs known as statins are safe and their side effects have been exaggerated.

A whole series of articles were sent out to the press, like PR probes, making out that there had been some absolutely definitive study PROVING the naysayers wrong and that the debate was now over.

But this isn’t the case, and you need to know why.

Back in January I wrote an email to you called The Big Statin Cover-Up.

Just to reiterate what I said…

In Britain GPs are widely prescribing statins to any patient with a 20% risk or more of developing heart disease.

That’s a huge number of statins being handed out like sweets.

They’re supposed to be safe and prevent thousands of heart attacks according to “EVIDENCE” like that reported in the Lancet.

The insinuation of the latest articles in the press is that people who are sceptical about statins are dangerous or misinformed hysterical types.


This objection to statins isn’t coming from naturopaths and quacks… loonies or hippy health freaks with anti-science agendas….

This scepticism isn’t coming from ill-informed conspiracy theorists sat in basements or trolls who want to stir up trouble.

There are reputable, well-informed establishment members who have serious problems with the way we dish out statins.

In March 2014, a GP and cholesterol expert Dr Malcolm Kendrick claimed that trials into statins were sponsored by biased drug companies who ignored the serious side effects, including:

* Diabetes

* Impotence

* Cataracts

* muscle pains

* mental impairment

* fatigue

* liver dysfunction

And he wasn’t the only dissenting voice…

The deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, Dr Kailash Chand has claimed that the widespread prescription of statins is “a commercialisation device” and not in patients’ best interests.

Read that again…

That’s the deputy chairman of the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.

Ok, so now let’s bring out another authoritative voice.

What the British Medical Journal thinks….

As reported in the Daily Express last Sunday, Fiona Godlee, editor of the British Medical Journal has said that the review in The Lancet had “no new data”. In her view this is another attempt to “shut down the debate about the drugs”.

Which means the latest pro-statin push in the media smacks to me of a publicity drive by the manufacturers of statins and an establishment desperate to continue its policy without criticism.

They are sick, no doubt of people like me and the team at The People’s Doctor.

However, as you know, The People’s Doctor is NOT against all science.. or medicine… or new technological innovations…. we embrace them!

Also, we’re not dogmatically PRO-Natural and ANTI-science in all cases.

We believe in a common sense approach that combines the best of our technology with the most powerful ingredients nature has to offer. We believe in CHOICE and the power of KNOWLEDGE of all sides of the argument.

Unfortunately, sometimes valid alternatives to big pharma medicines are shut down by blinkered, biased and self-serving authorities.

This statins issue is looking increasingly like one of them.

The People’s Doctor Verdict

Look, let’s be sensible.

If statins help certain people with dangerous cholesterol levels lower their heart attack risk, that’s fine. The benefits most probably outweigh the risks.

But what about the thousands of people on these drugs with milder symptoms in earlier stages of high cholesterol?

Why is it these drugs are going out to more and more people, at younger ages, with much less significant symptoms.

Is that really the answer? To get the whole world on statins? Just in case?

Who exactly does this mass-medication benefit?

What’s irritating is that there are natural alternatives for lower risk people to achieve the effects of statins. These are things you can try NOW, with no significant side effects, alongside other medications.

For instance, more than 2,000 patients are now taking BergaMet, an alternative to statins, which you can read more about here.

In one example, Australian cardiologist Dr Ross Walker has tested BergaMet on patients with these results:

* An average 30% reduction in total cholesterol

* Between 20-30% reduction in blood glucose levels

* Improved blood pressure control

* Reductions in abdominal obesity

* Increased Weight loss

If you want to try it for yourself, BergaMet is now available in the UK here.

That’s at least one natural alternative you won’t read about in the press onslaught.

As for this current row, I’ll watch the fallout with interest, as I’m sure there are more revelations and counter-arguments to come.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


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