Another cold killer nightmare shocker


  • Yet more tabloid weather warnings
  • Believe the news or not, it’s not a good time for stiff joints
  • If your hands get sore try copper therapy gloves

I thought The Sun would have run out of puns by now…

Particularly when it comes to over-dramatic weather stories, which they LOVE to splash on their front pages.

At the end of last year they came out with “Floody Hell!” during heavy rain.

A couple of years before that they tried to beat extreme weather by starting a prayer campaign with the Patron Saint of Good Weather. This was their headline.

And this week?

Well, on Monday we were treated to this weather prediction pun from The Sun.


The article declared: “Killer temperatures of -10C to last until MARCH as torrential downpours and gales of up to 100mph set to batter Britain this week.”

Uh-oh, we’d better brace ourselves!

They may be right… it has been extremely cold at times this winter… and, of course, they may be wrong…or somewhere in between.

But whatever the case, we’re deep in wintertime, UK-style and it’s going to be cold. There’s no escaping it. That’s just what our weather is like. And another cold snap is bad news for many elderly people who are vulnerable to severe weather.

It will also be particularly uncomfortable for anyone whose joints get stiff and sore in freezing weather.

Actually, not even elderly people. This includes me, too.

I’m not even out of my 40s yet and my hands really ache when I’m working on my computer in cold weather. We have a particularly draughty Victorian house in which my study is by far the windiest room! When I’m writing or researching on a freezing night I really feel the pinch.

If you’re a fellow sufferer, then you should try these special gloves out for size: No More Stiff, Aching Hands

Enjoy instant warmth for your stiff aching hands

Copper therapy gloves use gentle pressure to soothe painful hands when it gets cold, helping lock in the body’s natural heat.

They’re lightweight, so you can use them while driving, typing and using your smartphone.

At People’s Doctor we recommend that you wear them for an hour first thing in the morning. This is when your body temperature is at its lowest.

You should then pop them on again for a couple of hours later in the day.

Or if the dreaded cold snap is as bad as The Sun predicts, then you can wear them all day if you like.

Actually if I worked for a tabloid like The Sun I might write…

These will come in really ‘handy’!

But, look. Don’t take my word for it. This is something you should test-drive at your own leisure. Which is why the team at People’s Doctor will happily send them to you to try for 90 days.

See how they suit you – and feel the proof that they work before you make any commitment.

We’d also like include two gifts for you…

– The Proven Health Benefits of Copper by Dr Wilson. This is a free guide to one of the oldest natural substances known to man.

– 101 Ways to Beat Arthritis – this one does what it says on the tin. You’ll find it rammed with useful tips on complementary treatments, diet tips, useful gadgets and what vitamins and supplements to consider.

You can find out all the details here.

Copper – pain relief all year round

If you remember, last December was full of apocalyptic cold snap warnings too, and I wrote an email to you about it.

I explained that I’d found some research that suggested the levels of joint pain reported by Britons gets worse from April onwards, which is surprising, as everyone assumes January and February are the worst.

This means that getting some gloves like these now is a good idea. Being lightweight you can wear them for pain relief even when the warmer weather comes.

Copper is one of those materials that just seems to work – for instance, many people use copper insoles to relieve pain in the feet, ankles, hips and lower back.

A cardiologist named Dr John Coltart has said: “Most of us know about the benefits of iron in medicine but although copper has been around since time began we have never really appreciated it properly until now.”

These copper therapy gloves are really the hands and wrist version of the insoles – with the added benefit that the gloves keep in the body heat, while the strong material offers support.

Anyway, try them out, and let us know how you get on. You’ve got 90 days before you need to make any final commitment.

Click here for the 90 day trial

Until next time, stay healthy (and warm)!


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