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  • Some controversial thoughts on science and food… brace yourself!
  • Are GM foods bad for us
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Right, so this is the email I was SUPPOSED to send you on Thursday….

Alas, I got caught up in my anger over the latest statins cover-up in the media (if you missed my rant you can read it here: statins row

Trouble is, today’s email is probably just as controversial.

You see, I stirred up a hornet’s nest a few weeks ago when I suggested that a genetically modified super tomato might be the answer to disease prevention in the future.

My point was that the natural fruit and vegetables we eat now are dramatically lower in nutrients than they were fifty years ago.

What’s more, our reliance on drugs to cure disease is expensive, harmful and puts control of health into the hands of big pharmaceuticals.

So could there be an argument for genetic modification if it was to put essential missing nutrients back into certain foods?

Not all my readers agree. Here’s one of the emails I received:

“Dear Rich, PLEASE do not peddle the ‘all food has been genetically modified over time’ tale.

There is a vast and significant difference between selective cross breeding of the same fruit veg or grain – or indeed animal – and artificially inserting foreign genes from an entirely different species – or even in some cases introducing a chemical.

This is still an inexact and unpredictable activity, since the host’s reaction cannot be reliably forecast and a totally undesired result could prove harmful.”

I love getting emails like this – so thank you!

If you have any thoughts on this topic (or anything else for that matter) please send them in and I can pass them on through these emails… or use your feedback to create emails that focus on the issues that matter to you.

I believe in showing you as many sides of an argument as possible so you can make your own decisions about your health.

And it’s true that there are big problems with GM as a method of mass producing food.
The main issue is that the production of food is now falling into the hands of private companies who effectively own the rights to GM crops.

We’re getting to the point where food that grows from the soil might be trademarked!

For instance, there’s US chemical company called Monsanto which produces agrochemicals and licenses new varieties of crop under their own name. They form trade agreements with a few select retailers who pay a huge premium to have regular supplies of GM produce that doesn’t spoil on the shelves.

For me, this is just as important as the genetic meddling. So in principle I am also anti-GM as a method of controlling the global food industry.

However, there’s a problem with our “natural” foods too.

Go to your local supermarket and you’ll find… meats ‘seasoned’ with potassium salts to suppress bacteria… …artificially shiny apples that are half a year old… salad leaves washed in chlorine to keep them crunchy.…strawberries from Africa flown 11,000 miles…
No wonder our nutritional intake is plummeting!

The average vegetable in your supermarket is up to 40% lower in minerals than 50 years ago and there’s a fifth less calcium in fruit and veg than in the 1960s. (If you’re interested in a natural supplement to help replace these lost vitamins click here).

So what can we do?

In an ideal world, we’d return to a life where we ate fresh, highly nutritional nuts, fruit, seeds and vegetables from local sources. We’d eat seasonally, and avoid imported foods.

And yes, we wouldn’t use GM to mutate and meddle.

However, a return to that blissful Eden is impossible. So it’s my argument that using science to find nutritional preventative medicines might be the only answer.

I know this goes against what most “alternative health” and complementary medicine newsletters say, but at the People’s Doctor we’re not afraid to go against the crowd.

Bear in mind that science has already meddled with what you eat behind all recognition.
Almost all foods are ‘frankenfoods’ now.

In your kitchen right now are “natural” fruits and vegetables that wouldn’t exist in nature… they’ve been totally altered from their ancient ancestors. And not only through a process of genetic selection – many fruits and vegetables are the way they are today because in the past they’ve been blasted with radiation to create mutations… and many of them are cloned.

Take the banana for instance…

The versions we eat have lost the seeds that meant their wild ancestors could reproduce. So all the bananas we today are, effectively, clones.

Or there are peaches, which might be fleshy and juicy today but were once small berries with big pits that took up most of the fruit.

So could it be that we use same scientific manipulation to somehow reintroduce what was lost?

Could we use this science to create preventative therapies based on food rather than pharmaceuticals?

I believe that finding methods of using nutrition to prevent serious disease is better than this constant search for pills, therapies and remedies for the cure, But what do YOU think?

Do write in and let me know, and I’ll try and include your ideas, objections and possibly sheer RAGE in a future email.

I can’t answer all emails individually or give any medical advice, but I do use your feedback as a springboard for my research, so keep it coming.

If you’re worried about the lack of nutritional punch in your food, then I’d consider trying a supplement – but please don’t just buy any old thing in a tub you find in the health store. Seek out what are known as “bio-available” vitamins like these ones.

That’s it from me today – until next time, stay healthy!


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