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  • More confusion for people with heart disease
  • Why irresponsible statins stories are making things worse for sufferers…
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Just look at the two front pages at the top of this email.

Both are stories about the heart disease drugs known as statins. Both were published within a month of each other in the very same newspaper.

Statins BAD! cries the first, getting people panicked enough to buy the paper.

Statins GOOD! cries the second, giving readers a bust of hope.

Both have the same effect.


Great for the owner, Richard Desmond…

Not very helpful if you’re one of the millions on statins, confused by conflicting advice.

To be frank I don’t blame you if you’re sick of this constant war of news stories.

So if you, or someone you love, is worried about statins, here’s a way out of this mess.

Take a look at this People’s Doctors report about a natural alternative that doesn’t cause any of the side effects:

Click here to escape the Statins confusion

As you’ll see, people are now taking this alternative with no side effects. An Australian cardiologist, Dr Ross Walker has tested it with these results:

• An average 30% reduction in total cholesterol

• Between 20-30% reduction in blood glucose levels

• Improved blood pressure control

• Reductions in abdominal obesity

• Increased Weight loss

It’s worth a shot and trying this out, because wouldn’t it be nice not to leave in fear and confusion over this health issue?

Wouldn’t it be nice to pick up a newspaper and not hear your heart thump with fear or desperate hope?

After all….

This crazy argument is not about to end soon

Look, I don’t really want to get into this FAKE news thing. I am sick of hearing the term, quite frankly.

In my view, we need a free press and we need to be able to challenge power – that includes governments, presidents, prime ministers, advertising, big business… you name it.

Yes, even if the press is sometimes wrong, or unfair.

Journalism has always been a blend of politics, persuasion, points of view and a HEAVY dose of editorial bias.

I accept that.

But what annoys me about the statins story is the way tabloids blindly and carelessly publish each piece of conflicting evidence that comes along is if its ULTIMATE PROOF, with no subtlety and no suggestion of an alternative.

One day statins will make you ill, cause diabetes, age you faster…

The next day they’ll save your life, extend your time on this earth and keep your family safe.

This back-and-forth argument between statin supporters and statin-sceptics doesn’t look like it will end any time soon.

Look at this from the Daily Express website at the end of January.

So EVERYONE should now take statins, according to this story.

But… really?

Perhaps it’s time we followed the money

As you know, statins reduce the amount of cholesterol your liver produces. The idea is that they cut ‘bad cholesterol’ from your bloodstream and lower your chances of developing heart disease.

Yet many top heart experts like Dr Malcolm Kendrick deem them to be unsafe. Certainly they say it’s not necessary to be dished out to very low-risk patients.

And yet GPs are currently prescribing them to anyone with a 20% risk or more of developing heart disease.

Meanwhile, the health watchdog NICE now suggests that those with just a 10% chance of developing heart disease in the next ten years should take statins.

And last month we have this Express article saying that EVERYONE should take them no matter how healthy!

Does that make any sense to you?

Does it sound sensible to mass-dose the world with a pharmaceutical drug in this way?

Think of it this way…

A little while back the deputy chairman of the British Medical Association, Dr Kailash Chand claimed that really this is all about “commercialisation device”.

In other words, it’s about making money.

And while The Express insisted statins “ARE safe” on January 18th 2017….

Look what they said the very next day on January 19th 2017…

Oh, surprise, surprise.

One day they’re heroes, now they’re KILLERS.

Here we get a story about grapefruit interacting badly with statins to cause adverse reactions like kidney failure, respiratory failure and internal bleeding.


I wonder what someone who bought the previous day’s issue would think!

This really is madness isn’t it?

In our view, the public aren’t getting any benefit from this hysteria. People just get more confused. And the jury is FAR from out on statins. There are lots of negative stories that should have people very worried.

This is why People’s Doctor have sourced an alternative to statins that has the same kind of effect on your liver as statins, but none of the side effects.

It’s a supplement based on Bergamot, a fruit with a high concentration of polyphenols and flavonoids, plus special compounds that block one of the key enzymes in the production of cholesterol.

To discover the benefits of BergaMet, check out our page here.

Until the next time I write, stay healthy (and try not to let the newspapers drive you crazy!).

PS: We’re not the only ones sticking our necks out and sharing this little-known information about an alternative to statins. There’s a scientific paper all about it here if you want to check out the hard evidence: http://docsdrive.com/pdfs/pharmacologia/2015/120-124.pdf

Or for our own viewpoint, and a reliable source of this supplement, read our website here.


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