Join Pain? Try this little known Swiss remedy



As promised on Saturday, I want to share something new with you…

I don’t think you’ll have come across this before.

It was developed by Professor Henry Varsan, Head of Research at the Natural Clinical Research Centre in Zurich, Switzerland.

At major European conferences Professor Varsan reported on successful trials of his innovative joint pain product held over a whole year in selected hospitals.

It contains six active ingredients that soothe inflammation reduced, regenerate cartilage and lubricate the joints.

Hip, knee, wrists… it can work on them all.

Tens of thousands of joint pain sufferers use this fabulous natural treatment. You’ll see some of their stories on the website here.

For instance, Lily Nelson, who says:

“My doctor said I would end up in a wheelchair! So you can imagine how happy I am. I’ve been taking ArthroCure for three months and now I don’t struggle any more…I would never have imagined being able to live a normal life again.

Despite great reviews, Arthrocure is not widely known and you might not have come across it before.

There’s only one supplier in the whole of EUROPE so we’re really lucky to be able to be able to offer you a risk-free trial here in the UK!

If you suffer from joint pain, then please take a look at our special webpage here and read all about this all-natural alternative to NSAIDS.

Click here to try out this new joint pain remedy

Feel significant joint pain relief…

Or don’t pay a penny for his trial

The 30 trial offer on our website means that you can use this remedy for a month and feel the effects before making any commitment to it.

If it doesn’t do the job, you can get a refund. No questions asked, no reasons needed.

However, I’d urge you to read this webpage first. It’s packed with information on the ingredients of Arthroforce and how they work. Some of them are pretty amazing.

For instance, do you remember my email from Saturday where I was writing about sea creatures being vital sources of new pain cures?

Well one of these ingredients comes from the shell of the Royal Crab (Paralithodes camchaticus) which contains something known as chitin. A molecule (known as the ‘miracle molecule’ extracted from this is vital for your joints.)

There’s also a herb extract that’s highly effective for treating rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, gout, muscular problems and tendinitis.

Take a look here and you’ll see all the details.

The website will also explain how much you will need to order for your trial, depending on your pain level. This is something that you can take both for mild and serious join pain conditions.

Why we’re keen for you to try this

We make it our priority at The People’s Doctor to put control back in your hands and give you the widest range of choices possible, mainstream and alternative. All those things the doctor won’t tell you and your friends probably won’t know about either.

This is one of those options that I’d recommend you try. We’ve been trying to get hold of this product for many months as it’s had some rave reviews.

But as with everything, you need to test it out and let the product prove itself to you.

There’s no financial risk, so it either helps and you’ll be glad to pay, or it doesn’t work as much as you hoped, and you won’t have paid for the experience.

Far better to have tried than to ignore a potentially effective pain relief option that has no side-effects.

Click here, read all the details and give it a go!

All the best.


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