Shocking news this week about a popular drug you might be taking right now


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    • Worrying news for joint pain sufferers
    • This study published in the British Medical Journal on Wednesday is essential reading…
    • How Athroforce can help with joint pain

I was listening to the radio this morning….

It was one of those peaceful mornings where my daughters were being delightful and I was on top of my Dad Game.

As I plunged my coffee, I was startled to hear this on the news…

That the most popular drugs for the control of arthritis…. have been linked to an increased risk of heart failure.

Now I wasn’t startled by the news itself, as this was PRECISELY what I was planning to write to you about as soon as I heard about the brand new study in the British Medical Journal.

It was more that health stories rarely get onto the radio news… it’s usually all about Westminster’s political wrangling, Brangelina marriage splits and sensational murders.

So this health news is serious.

The study in question published on Wednesday, had some worrying revelations.

As you might know if you’re a joint pain sufferer, the most commonly prescribed solutions are known as NSAIDs. There are as many as twenty prescribed by doctors, including over-the-counter versions such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

In the recent past, some scientific studies have linked NSAIDs to abnormal heart rhythm. Now the BMJ are saying that NSAIDs could increase the risk of being admitted to hospital by 19% for people who have taken them in the previous 4 days.

Now I don’t know about you, but that is a big percentage. This isn’t one of your 0.1% increased risk ‘fearmongering’ stories you sometimes get… this is a significant increase in risk.

This problem was true for at least seven traditional NSAIDs including:

• Diclofenac
• Ibuprofen
• Indomethacin
• Ketorolac
• Naproxen
• Nimesulide
• piroxicam

There was also an increased risk when using the common COX 2 inhibitors etoricoxib and rofecoxib.

Time to panic? Not quite…

Now, before we all run around in panic, these are still early days and there is more research to be done. I would recommend speaking to your doctor if you have any worries about arthritis, or the prescription drugs you’re taking right now.

But if you have any kind of joint inflammation, stiffness or discomfort, I would consider the many natural approaches to joint pain that don’t have the side-effects.

These are well-worth pursuing because even if they have the slightest effect, it means you can enjoy less pain and more comfort without depending on stronger painkillers that are being questioned quite vocally now by authoritative sources.

Even before this story broke, this was something The People’s Doctor has been looking into with gusto. Our research team has been hunting down some of the best alternatives on the market.

The one we believe could be a fantastic option is known as Arthroforce and you can read all about it on our webpage here.

Tackling the 3 causes of joint inflammation

As you probably know, there are a lot of natural supplements about – making it a real headache for people to choose between the good and the bad. We wanted to strip those choices down to something that gets great testimonials from sufferers and has benefits above and beyond the usual fayre you see in health shops and websites.

One of the big benefits of a supplement called Arthroforce is that it tackles the three types of joint pain:

1. Mechanical joint pain

It lubricates the joints and regenerating cartilage, reducing the pressure of your bones have on the nerve fibres of ageing joints.

2. Inflammatory joint pain

It soothes inflammation around the joints which comes from cartilage debris irritating the synovial membrane of the joint.

3. Neuropathic joint pain.

It repairs the nerve fibres of the joint and helps reduce the hypersensitivity of the nerve endings of the joint, bones and the surrounding tissue.

If you’ve tried a natural remedy in the past it’s likely that it only treats one or two of the above causes of the joint pain. But this one works on all three. In tests it has shown to be 95.7% effective against neuropathic joint pain and significantly higher than 90% against the other two types of pain.

If you want to find out more, I’d recommend you read this.

Why you should always try before you commit….

This is certainly worth trying out if you suffer from any kind of inflammatory joint pain. It could help with anything form stiff joints in the morning, to neuropathic pain related to ageing.

And when I say “try it out”, that’s precisely what you can do. Because the only way to really know if a supplement is worth paying for is to trial it for a while and feel the effects.

Which is what the makers of Arthroforce are offering. So you don’t have to take our word for it, or the words of the many people who give it the thumbs up… see for yourself!

Click here to trial arthroforce.

Until next time, stay healthy!

Kind Regards


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