Never pay (or beg) for back massage again


  • Great news if you suffer from back neck or shoulder pain
  • No more need to beg for massages or pay for expensive therapies
  • Relieve knots, aches and stiffness in 2 minutes with this ‘magic wand’ device: click here to find out more

Little confession …

When my kids were toddlers I used to trick them into giving me a back massage.

Each morning they’d run into my room, full of energy.

While I’d be waking up, tired and groggy, with the usual aching back.

So I invented this game…

They had to walk on my back and keep their balance for as long as possible.

They were so small it wasn’t dangerous to me, and their little feet dug into the knots as they wobbled about, trying to stay upright.

Of course, you might ask…

Why not ask my wife for a massage?

Well, yes that would be better.

In theory.

But quite frankly, the last thing she wants to do in the morning is wake up and massage me.

Neither is she likely to come running whenever I cry out, “Love, my back hurts, time for the magic fingers!”

Besides, she’s not here when I’m at work in The People’s Doctor office (thankfully).

And no, I can’t ask Carol in accounts to do it.

Unless you’re very lucky, you can’t click your fingers and get a loved one to instantly relieve your pain.

This is a shame.

So many of us could benefit from deep tissue massage to help us get rid of the knots, stiffness and pain that almost all of us feel from time to time…

We either have to beg someone to do it, or pay for massages, which can tot up to a hefty price tag.

At £50 or more per hour, it’s simply not affordable for most people.

But what if you COULD give yourself an instant back massage?

And I’m talking a good, deep, professional-level massage here…

One that gets right into those knots and gets the blood rushing to those painful zones…

One that lasts as long as you need relief.

Well, if you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain, then I’d urge you to watch this video by Paula Coates here.

She’ll explain why you should never pay for massage or therapy again. Instead…

• You could give yourself an instant back massage whenever – and wherever – you want

• Quickly release the agonising knots that cause uncomfortable car drives, painful evenings on the sofa and sleepless nights

• Relieve stiff, aching muscles without having to relying on someone else to do it for you.

You can do all of this in 2 minutes using this remarkable device:

The Magic Wand that Tackles Pain

A Shiatsu massage therapist….

…in your desk drawer, bedside table or briefcase!

This ‘magic wand’ is known as the Back Nodger.

It’s based on techniques you might know as acupressure or Shiatsu massage.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique that applies pressure to ‘trigger points’ in order to release tension.

After the pressure is released, oxygenated blood rushes to the affected tissues, bringing relief. It can also help with the following ailments:

• Fatigue
• Depression
• Menstrual problems
• Headaches
• Asthma
• Stress
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I’d highly recommend it if you can afford to pay for regular massages.

But what if you can’t afford it?

And even if you go for weekly Shiatsu, what about the rest of the time?

What happens after a long drive, a bad night’s sleep or a difficult day working, gardening, or playing sport?

What then?

This is why having your own home massage aid is invaluable. The beauty of a Back Nodger is that it doesn’t require batteries or power sources.

You can whip it out of a drawer or bag whenever you need to tackle a painful knot. You can keep it by your bed for when you wake up or beside the sofa whenever you feel twinges.

Take a look – this video shows a demonstration of it in action: Back Nodger Demonstration

I think you’ll be really surprised by the price too – it’s less than half the cost of a single session with a massage therapist for something that’ll last you a lifetime of back pain relief, whenever you need it.

Until next time, stay healthy,


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