An unusual but proven detox remedy


  • Summer’s here – how clay acts as a natural detox and can help you get a slimmer stomach
  • Or even getting a slimmer tummy? (You might be surprised)
  • PLUS – more on the problem with GPs and cancer diagnoses…

I’m not lonely, I promise.

But I do spend a lot of time reading journals, reports, newspapers and anything with health news.

So you could say…

…I don’t get out much.

Which means I almost YELP with delight when I get emails from People’s Doctor readers

I not only like hearing your stories and views, I try to use your feedback to choose the topics that matter the most…

Or look for suppliers of the remedies that you’re most interested in.

Like Thursday’s recommendation.

Did you get that email?

It was all about CLAY.

Yup, the stuff that makes porcelain, but that’s also the stuff you used to get in stomach medicines that actually worked.

Clay is one of the three natural ingredients in a fantastic natural remedy called Propargile (click here to find out more).

As I pointed out on Thursday, clay acts as a magnet for all the waste products in your stomach, colon and liver, drawing toxins and irritants out of your body.

After my email, a reader asked…

“So when you say it’s a ‘magnet for waste products’ does that mean you can also use it to detox and flush out all nastiness in general?”

Well yes! This is a benefit I didn’t mention in my original email to you.

A natural detox (now you can just flush and go!)

Propargile isn’t just a remedy for stomach pain, it’s an aid for better digestion and a more efficient toxin-free digestive system.

So yes, it’s something you can take as an ongoing supplement – you don’t have to reach for it only in emergencies.

And it goes even further…

If you look at the online report by our product developer Peter Fletcher, you’ll see this.

“By helping improve the way your gut flushes out waste and reducing bloating, Propargile can also help give you a flatter stomach.

Studies measuring the effects of using Propargile showed 86% of people quickly recovered the feeling of a flatter stomach and 75% reported a significant reduction in intestinal discomfort.”

It means that if you’re looking for a way to get a flatter stomach in the summery months, this could be a nice little aid.

BUT… (and I know you realise this)…

When you’re thinking about losing weight it’s important to eat a balanced diet, walk more and do some low impact exercise like swimming and brisk walking…

Never rely on short-cuts and supplements for losing weight. They are a temporary sticking plaster.

The last thing you need is for it all to pile on again in September.

But if you’re doing all those essentials then by all means this can help flush the bad stuff from your system and flatten your stomach to help you get into those summer clothes in your wardrobe.

Click here to find out more about Propargile

Okay, onto my second email…

More on the problem with GPs and cancer diagnoses…

Do you remember the recent issue of People’s Doctor, This Facebook Post Was So Sad?

It was about a friend of mine, in her mid forties, who pestered her GP for TWO YEARS, saying there was something wrong with her stomach… and she was fobbed off time and time again.

The result was that her cancer diagnosis was delayed for a dangerously long time.

This worrying tale chimed with a few readers. One of whom wrote:

“I have just read your letter about the diagnosis of Bowel Cancer. Although I was older than the lady in her forties, I suffered the same delays.

I had recurring diarrhoea for almost 12 months and the different GPS at my surgery, blamed a host of reasons.

I took on a retired lady doctor, who said there was something wrong, who referred me to Hospital and Colonoscopy and there was the Cancer.

I had successful keyhole surgery and I was lucky…

All was removed and no scatter. I was very lucky and thanked that Lady Doctor, she definitely saved my life.

So I agree with all you wrote., keep up the good work.”

Thanks so much for this email (and to everyone else who wrote in).

It’s fantastic that you eventually saw the right person – and what a relief it must have been to get speedy surgery.

It’s a useful lesson…

A powerful message that needs to be spread

I think it’s worth sharing these real life stories so that we’re all aware of the pros and cons of the doctor’s surgery, and can make ourselves more knowledgeable through advice services like this one.

If we know about symptoms and the variety of treatments available, it means we can walk into the GP’s office to ask questions and insist on being heard.

Of course, sometimes it might be a false alarm…

But far worse to sit on a worrying condition and do nothing, just because you “don’t want to bother anyone” or “don’t wish to seem foolish”.

So if you have experiences you wish to share, we’re all ears!

While I can’t give you one-to-one medical advice over email, I do use your emails as a basis for research and ideas for future issues, so keep ‘em coming!

As always, everything I write is posted up on The People’s Doctor website. So before you write in, check out the site and see if the topic has been covered already. It might save you time.

There’s a nifty little search tool on the top right hand corner of the homepage to help you find what you’re looking for!

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That’s it from me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will email you again on Thursday.

Until them, stay healthy!


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