What a Medical Expert Gave Pampered Celebrities so that they Could Climb This Mountain



  • The supplement that helps athletes and ageing celebrities perform amazing physical feats
  •  Collagenica provides relief for Arthritis, Rheumatism and Joint pain…
  •  Plus fewer wrinkles and better skin as you age

In 2009 a bunch of celebrities climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.

It’s almost 20,000-foot high…

The tallest mountain in Africa… and the world’s highest free-standing mountain.

So it was no easy feat.

These celebrities were no spring chickens either. Some of them had been pop stars when I was a spotty sixth former.

It would have been a TV disaster if they failed, or got badly injured.

Their agents would have gone ballistic if their pretty celebrity clients came back from the trip with weather-beaten faces.

So all of the climbers were given a special aid to help their skin and keep their joints supple.

It was a daily collagen supplement like this one here – click to read more.

But this is something that EVERYONE over 25 needs, no matter how rich, famous, or otherwise.

You lose large amounts of this essential protein every day, causing joint pain and wrinkles

Collagen is a kind of protein that forms long fibres which make up your main connective tissues. It’s absolutely essential for all parts of your body – bone, muscle, tendons, blood vessels, lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, and even your eyes.

Anything in your body that needs to stretch or hold things together contains collagen.

Without collagen we’d turn into a puddle of liquid – it is the magic fibre that holds us together.

This is why Professor Greg Whyte, director of research at the British Olympic Medical Unit, gives collagen supplements to celebrities when they undertake feats of endurance.

He also recommends a collagen supplement to British athletes to protect their cartilage and bones against damage and degeneration.

Whyte says: “Collagen is the most common protein in the body. We need it for healthy joints, physical resilience and the ability to recover from injuries. The body loses 1.5 per cent every year. By 40 we have lost 30 per cent.”

This is why it’s something you should seriously consider, particularly if you suffer from arthritis, stiff joints, premature wrinkling and other symptoms of ageing.

You see, after the age of 25 your body stops producing new collagen. The collagen inside you becomes damaged and deteriorates – and that lost fibre is not replaced.

Over time you lose strength, elasticity and flexibility. Your body ages, becomes tired and breaks down, like a car that has done too many miles.

But you can replace the collagen you lose by taking collagen supplements like CollagenicaPlus, developed to make collagen quick and easy to absorb into your body, replacing that which has been lost.

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Relieves Arthritis, Rheumatism and Joint pain

This is a top recommendation for joint pain sufferers, because arthritis and joint pain occur when your cartilage loses collagen.

Cartilage is nature’s shock absorber, soaking up the impact of your movements, and stopping your bones from rubbing together.

As your collagen levels decrease the cartilage becomes dry and brittle. Cracks, tears and holes appear. Every time your bones touch each other, more damage is done and the pain gets worse.

However, collagen supplements allow collagen to passes through your blood to be carried to all parts of your body.

When it reaches your joints, the new collagen fibres weave into the cartilage, repairing the those cracks, tears and holes. As the cartilage thickens and regains its flexibility, your pain is reduced.

Take a look at this:


Taken over time, you should find that your mobility increases as your joints move more freely.

For example, here’s one user of Collagenica Plus:

“Three years ago I damaged my vertebrae in a car accident and I’ve lived a life of disability and agony ever since – even two operations have not healed the bones and the cartilage. I tried your product and within two to three weeks I felt a significant improvement in terms of pain, posture and mobility. It’s now three months on and the even the doctors estimate that I have 80% improvement in movement and flexibility and almost the same again in pain reduction.”

  • Mrs E. Peterson, Lincolnshire

As well as joint pain relief, there are other benefits too.

  • Prevents Wrinkles, Dry skin and Eczema

Collagen fibres allow your skin to stretch and return to shape. As production stops, collagen fibres in your skin breaks and aren’t replaced – so your skin starts to lose elasticity, becoming wrinkled.

Your skin also dries out and weaken, leaving you vulnerable to problems like psoriasis and eczema.

However, CollagenicaPlus can help improve the damaged fibres, rebuild skin elasticity, suppleness and tightness.

  • Reduces Varicose veins – Swollen legs – Risk of stroke

CollagenicaPlus also boosts the collagen levels in your blood vessels, rejuvenating and reinforcing their walls so that blood flows more smoothly and quickly. Stronger blood vessels also reduce the risk of life-threatening stroke or haemorrhage.

If you want to try it out for yourself and see how you feel then CollagenicaPlus is finally available in the UK – and for a home trial too.

Please read this report.

to learn how to restore your collagen levels and turn back the clock.

Until next time, stay healthy and supple!


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