Kathleen Turner – Copper soles cured my arthritis agony


Kathleen Turner

  • Why this beautiful 1980s film star disappeared from our screens
  • Suffering from joint pain? Here’s a something to make you less reliant on drugs or surgery
  • Click here to find out how to treat pain… through your shoes

When I was 12 I loved the film Romancing the Stone – a comedy adventure set in deepest, darkest Colombia.

It was a bit of an Indiana Jones rip-off but I didn’t care because Michael Douglas was in it, Danny DeVito was in it… and Kathleen Turner was in it.

Actually Kathleen Turner was in loads of good 80s films, come to think of it…

The Man with Two Brains, The War of the Roses, Peggy Sue Got Married.

But by the mid-90s she had vanished from the big screen.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that the cause of her career-death was severe rheumatoid arthritis.

She had to deal with daily pain, the side-effects of medication and surgery. At one point her movement was so impaired, she was told she’d eventually end up in a wheelchair.

The reason I know all this is that I came across the above headline while looking into pain relief.

“Copper soles cured my arthritis agony”

And there she was – Kathleen Turner, one of my earliest crushes, and still looking pretty good.

It was an interview in The Daily Express in which the 60-year old actress reveals what finally ended the crippling pain got her on her feet… and I mean that literally…

Because it’s something she puts in her shoes.

They’re called copper heelers, and she puts a large part of her pain relief and recovery down to them.

Click here to take a look at this fascinating website that explains more.

How can copper heal?

Many people swear by copper insoles. The theory is that elderly people are deficient in copper. By wearing copper insoles in your shoes, you experience pain relief while you walk – or even sit watching telly, it’s up to you.

This is because the 250,000 sweat glands on the soles your feet absorb micro-amounts of copper and circulate it around your body.

I know it sounds bizarre, but it’s not just Kathleen Turner who swears by these, but also Maureen Lipman and Singer Dame Cleo Lain.

Scientists too, you’ll be relieved to know.

There’s a gynaecological researcher named Professor Albert Singer at the Whittington Hospital, London. To his surprise a pair of copper heelers eased his arthritic pain over a six-year period. So he decided to study 230 arthritis suffers. An amazing 96% told him their symptoms had eased after long-term use.

Or there’s cardiologist Dr John Coltart who says: “Most of us know about the benefits of iron in medicine but although copper has been around since time began we have never really appreciated it properly until now.”

His claim is that copper can help fight bone disease, strengthen cells and reduce anaemia.

I also dug up an article by Dr Sarah Brewer in The Telegraph that describes how copper bracelets work:

“Copper bracelets work through a process known as iontophoresis, in which copper leaches excess sulphates from the body, where they are deposited as a blue-green

discolouration on the skin. The efficacy of the bracelets is thought to depend on the level of copper in your body. If deficient, you may benefit.”

If you’re interested in seeing whether this works for you, then you can try out these orthotic insoles to reduce your foot, ankle, leg and knee pain.

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Better feet – better body

There are other potential knock-on benefits too.

When you reduce foot and ankle pain it takes the pressure off knee joints improves you posture, reducing headaches and muscular pains elsewhere in your body.

It’s certainly worth looking into. As always, I advise that you try out complementary therapies alongside other treatments and talk to a medical professional if you’re concerned about arthritis. The good thing about natural remedies like copper heelers is that there’s no harm in trying it out – no side effects and nothing that can counteract or react with medications.

You can try them out if you click here.

Right, I’m off to search for some Romancing the Stone clips on YouTube.

Hey, this is work you know!

Until next time, stay healthy.


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