4 tips for stronger bones



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  • How dandelion and nettle tea can strengthen your bones’
  • And for women, two minutes doing this each day is good for bones, new research reveals

A quick urgent thing before I begin…

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And just to recap in case you missed it….

Last Saturday I was talking about warning signs that you’re low on testosterone, including:-

• Loss of libido

• Erectile dysfunction

• Fatigue

• Hair loss

• Body fat (belly and man-breasts)

• Loss of bone mass

• Loss of muscle mass

• Mood swings

Not all of these problems have to be inevitable signs of ageing. Some of them can be avoidable, or at least reducible.

Certainly, men over 40 should consider their testosterone levels as a potential cause, and use something like T-Boost to address the issue. Worth trying anyway.

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And while I’m updating you…

The Dandelion Tea Conundrum

Recently I also talked about the benefits of making your own dandelion tea for better liver health. (Good News about This Silent Killer).

I had a few emails about this. A couple of people who already enjoy this home remedy, and a few people pointing out that I didn’t make it clear whether it was the leaves, flowers or stalks that you brew up into a tea.

The short answer is, use the leaves.

But rather than my clumsy explanation, I have found a nice Wiki page for you. It’s complete with steps to take, and photos, so it’s nice and clear.

How to Brew Dandelion Tea

Why it’s also good for your bones

Another great benefit of dandelions, which I didn’t mention in my previous email, is that they can help you strengthen your bones.

This is because they are very rich in calcium. In fact, a cup of dandelion greens contains around 100mg of calcium.

They also contain antioxidants like vitamin-C and Luteolin, which can also help protect your bones as you get older.

So while men can try something like T-Boost. Quick update, this testosterone top-up is back in stock – click here for more details. for stronger bones, dandelion tea is something for both women and men to try.

Dandelion tea is also good for preventing and treating diabetes. This is because dandelion stimulates your production of insulin from the pancreas, keeping blood sugar levels low. They’re also a diuretic, helping you wee more, flushing out toxins and excess sugar.

And if dandelions are not your thing, the for stronger bones you should also consider a daily infusion of nettle tea, which is also high in calcium.

Again, for clarity, here’s a useful wiki page that shows you exactly how to make nettle tea:

How to brew nettle tea

On the subject of healthy bones…

Women, 2 minutes of this each day is good for bones

Research at the University of Exeter, published in July, shows that a very small amount of exercise could help women enjoy stronger bones.

All it takes is TWO MINUTES of it!

I realise that does sound short, but this is what the scientists reckon…

Women who do brief burst of high intensity exercise for 60-120-seconds each day have 4% better bone health.

They split it into this advice.

• For pre-menopausal women, a short fast run or weight training exercise.

• For post-menopausal women, a slow jog is fine.

Lead author Dr Victoria Stiles, said: “There’s a clear link between this kind of high-intensity, weight-bearing exercise and better bone health in women.”

And I’ll finish with some obvious advice…

But it’s new research about something that does bear repeating…

Why potassium salts are vital for bone health

In your everyday fruit and veg, there are loads of potassium salts. These are important if you are worried about osteoporosis.

In the journal Osteoporosis International in 2015, for the very first time, researchers showed that these salts are responsible for better bone health.

This is because they reduce something known as ‘bone resorption’. This is the process by which bone mass gets broken down over time.

The study also showed that they significantly reduce the excretion of calcium through your urine.

“Our study shows that these salts could prevent osteoporosis,” said Dr Helen Lambert from the University of Surrey.

Of course, there’s no real shortcut for this, you simply need to eat more fruit and veg.

So I won’t link to a handy wiki page with pictures for this one – I think you know how to eat food!

Just be careful with your salt intake…

A Japanese study four years ago showed that a high-salt diet raises the risk of a woman breaking her bones after menopause by FOUR TIMES.

That’s no matter what their bone density was like before the menopause.

Okay, so I hope some of this helped!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I’ll be back with more tips and research on Thursday.

Until next time, stay healthy!


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