“Dr Frankenstein Was Right!” How Electricity Can Bring You Back to Life



  • Could Dr Frankenstein be right about electricity and the power of life?
  • How the findings of this electrical therapy research could not only ease pain but HEAL your damaged joints, ligaments and muscles
  • You could soon walk around as if you were ten years younger!

As a child I loved watching the old Frankenstein films.

Particularly that bit where the doctor pulled a lever and sent electricity surging through his monster, bringing it to life.

Many years later, I thought about Frankenstein when my wife was going into labour. I don’t mean she looked like a monster of course – she was positively radiant! (She reads these emails, by the way).

It’s just that I was amazed how the TENS machine worked so brilliantly as a pain relief device.

As you probably know already, TENS machines send electrical signals through your body through little patches. They interrupt and block pain signals going to your brain.

Every time she pressed the button, electricity flowed and she got instant relief. Amazing.

However, it was only relief. TENS machines offer a method of distracting brain signals, that’s all. Which is fine for people in labour, but if you have sore joints, muscular pain, sore ligaments and stiffness, then blocking the pain won’t solve the problem that’s causing the pain.

So can electricity really restore life and youthful vigour? Or is it something out of science fiction?

Well, as I’ve shown you in my recent letters, medical reality is catching up with many ideas from science fiction.

For instance, there is a different way to use electricity to bring yourself back to life, turning back your body clock by gently and naturally healing damaged tissues.

And it’s this…

How this form of electrical therapy could not only ease pain but HEAL your body

I’ve been doing research into something called Microcurrent Therapy. This is where a small device sends electrical currents directly to damaged areas of your body – for instance a torn knee ligament or an arthritic hip.

These mimic your body’s natural electrical currents, stabilizing the electric balance of the injured cells, helping your body’s tissues heal themselves.

For instance, I read a 2004 case review called Microcurrent therapy: a novel treatment method for chronic low back myofascial pain*. It says that in 90% of the subjects “The microcurrent treatment was the single factor contributing the most consistent difference in patient-reported pain relief.”

That was quite interesting, but it was about its powers of pain relief more than its healing abilities.

Then I discovered a 2007 report called Ultra-low microcurrent therapy: A novel approach for treatment of chronic resistant wounds*. Researchers found that this kind of therapy “not only accelerated healing but also appeared to negate the effect of a person’s age on wound healing.”

In other words, this electrical therapy short circuits your body clock to give your body the same kind of healing power you had when you were younger.

This is why, according to recent testimony from Dr. Mark Atkinson, a medical physician specialising in natural pain management: “Micro-current therapy offers a safe, affordable, practical and non-invasive pain treatment system.”

It’s about long-term treatment, as much as blocking or distracting your pain.

On a less scientific note – but worth bearing in mind – is that this approach to healing has been given the thumbs up by some well-known people. According to The Daily Mail:

“Micro-current therapy has been used to help many famous sports stars recover from injury, including Olympic champion hurdler Colin Jackson, tennis star Tim Henman and former England striker-turned-TV presenter Gary Lineker.”

Of course, most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a physiotherapy team to hand with all the latest gizmos.

Step forward a new advance in wearable technology…

The microcurrent therapy you wear to work

Thanks to some clever inventors, Microcurrent therapy is now available to you in a form that’s easy to use on a day-to-day basis. This innovative wrap uses microcurrent therapy which you can wear under clothing as you go about your regular business, using it to relieve the pain and also help heal through long term use.

It’s designed to be lightweight and discreet. For instance, you could be wearing it while watching TV, working at your desk or lying in bed.

You can choose from knee, shoulder or neck versions, depending on where you’re feeling pain. And it works on:

  • nerve and muscular problems
  • degenerative disc disease
  • arthritis
  • sports injury
  • chronic back ache
  • recovery from operation

For some more information on this, then this website here has plenty of information and a trial opportunity, so you can test out the claims and feel the benefits before you make any commitment.

If you do try it out, let me know how you get on. It’s always good to hear feedback. And if you have any stories you wish to share about your own breakthroughs in pain relief, then I’ll be glad to consider them for future issues of this newsletter.

Until next time, stay happy and healthy!


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