The unique sugar-free mint that cleans and protects your teeth


  • Here’s an easy way to stop your teeth getting eaten away by bacteria and enzymes
  • The problem with your toothpaste
  • The story of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints: click here to discover his secret

Do you worry about the state of your teeth?

You wouldn’t be alone. It’s one of those classic ‘signs of ageing’…

Yellowing teeth, receding gums, dodgy breath….

Not very nice for you, or the person you’re talking to.

But I don’t mean to cast aspersions on your hygiene. I’m the same! It’s a difficult battle to fight.

Sure, you can make sure you brush your teeth twice a day.

But your teeth are under constant attack. Plaque quickly forms a sticky biofilm between meals. This biofilm contains bacteria which produce nasty acids that strip away calcium and phosphate, the building blocks of your teeth.

This process is called demineralisation.

Meanwhile, enter stage right a bunch of enzymes called ‘collagenases’. These eat away the collagen in the dentine from the deeper layers of your tooth.

Once that level of destruction happens, your teeth can’t be fixed, except with a filling.

So imagine if you could simply pop a mint into your month between meals that tackles both of these problems…. and cleans and freshens your teeth at the same time.


Well, when I first came across this natural breakthrough I was too, but this really is wonderfully effective. It’s been featured on BBC Radio, in The Daily Mail, and endorsed by Toothfriendly International.

Oh, and the team of researchers at People’s Doctor, of course, all of whom are obsessive fans of this now!

Take a look at our webpage here. It shows you a type of sugar-free mint (no artificial sweeteners either) that can do all of the following….

• Reduce acidity levels in your mouth

• Help protect your teeth 24/7

• Combat bad breath

• Provide calcium phosphate which can help repair your teeth after.

• Strengthen the collagen structure of your dentine

• Allow remineralisation to take place, building up the calcium and phosphate

The story of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints

Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints were developed by two British dentists as an easy way to keep your teeth protected all day round.

Each mint is made from Green Tea extract (with no caffeine in it), plus calcium phosphate, Xylitol and natural peppermint oil.

Here’s how they work together…

The mints reduce acidity levels in your mouth by increasing saliva production and creating the conditions for remineralisation to happen.

The addition of calcium phosphate provides the building blocks that for repair process.

A green tea extract helps to preserve the collagen structure of your teeth and strengthen the gums.

As you’d expect, the peppermint oil freshens your breath and by including Xylitol – naturally occurring sweetener in fruits and vegetables – you get a tasty mint to suck on without aspartame, sucralose or those other suspect artificial sweeteners.

For more details a look at our webpage here, which explains everything you need to know.

It goes without saying that if you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and coffee and eat sugar snacks, this is something that could do you a lot of good.

But also if you drink a lot of fruit juices, smoothies and energy drinks, this is something to seriously consider, as these can eat away at your tooth enamel too – something Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints can counteract.

It’s far better to try something like this than simply upping your levels of tooth brushing. Because you don’t want more toothpaste in your life, and here’s why…

The problem with your toothpaste

Some toothpastes use peroxides and hydrogen peroxide to bleach the teeth. These can irritate the soft tissues in your gums.

Furthermore, 85% of toothpastes also contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) to keep the past wet, easy to spread and provide that foamy lather when you’re brushing.

According to Mr Toby Talbot a UK specialist in restorative dentistry, this can upon the gaps in the skin cells of your mouth, allowing toxins and carcinogens to get in.

“SLS is effectively a detergent,’ Talbot told The daily Mail in 2015. “If I see a patient suffering with recurrent mouth ulcers, one of the first things I do is prescribe the use of a non-SLS toothpaste.”

This is why we’d recommend avoiding toothpastes with SLA and supplementing your toothpaste with Dr Heff’s all-natural sugar free product.

You should have around 3-5 mints throughout the day to protect the teeth, keep your breath fresh and repair any damage in between meals.

This is another simple way to minimise yet another symptom ageing that might not be as inevitable as you think!

To try it out, click here.

Until next time, stay fresh mouthed and healthy!


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