All hail the wondrous Fang Bleeny the future of pain relief


Fang Bleeny Pain Cure

All hail the wondrous Fang Blenny. The future of pain relief?

How a scorpion bite cured arthritic skeletal pain

Exciting news about Thursday…


Right, no sniggering at the back…

But I want to talk to you about the Fang Blenny.

(I said NO sniggering!)

It’s a fish.

And it could prove quite special in the future.

Because when this fish bites you, it doesn’t hurt.

Quite the opposite.

Instead of blistering pain, it delivers you a shot of blissful morphine-like drugs.

The feeling is…



In the reefs, where the fish lives, this form of poison works by disorientating a predator, almost as if injecting its attacker with heroin… allowing the Fang Blenny to make good its escape.

Scientists are really interested in this animal, because these naturally occurring opioids could be something that humans can use to control pain.

Imagine if we could find non-addictive, morphine like substances to ease pain and inflammation.

It’s one of a vast array of potential cures and treatments that lie in the ocean, awaiting discovery, if we can do so before our reefs die off and the ocean’s ecosystem sees species begin to disappear.

For instance, there’s another potential morphine-like drug in the venom of the cone snail, which I wrote about in this post.

Scientists who study marine life believe we’re not even scratched the surface of what’s possible.

For instance, last year I also told you about the stripy fish that could lead to revolutionary treatments for heart disease and insomnia.

There are also some pretty special creatures in our jungles too…

For instance, there’s the tarantula venom that can stop pain receptors in your brain from functioning properly. Potentially this could solve the ever-increasing problem of chronic pain. Click here to find out more.

Or the ex-punk rocker who claims to be slowing down the ageing process with snake venom!

And here’s another one I found…

How a scorpion bite cured arthritic skeletal pain

An issue of National Geographic Magazine from 2013 tells the a story of a man named Michael who was on holiday in Mexico. As he jumped into the pool to cool down he felt a horrible stinging pain in his leg.

After leaping out of the pool he turned back to to see a scorpion in the water – more precisely, a bark scorpion, a seriously venomous species.

It can cause ripples of pain like electric shocks and, occasionally death.

However, the local medical centre administered an antidote and within a couple of days the pain was gone…

But not only the pain of the sting disappeared….

For almost a decade Michael had suffered from a form of chronic spinal arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. Every morning he’d woken with a sore back, experiencing flare-ups that left him bed-ridden.

After the scorpion sting… this pain disappeared too.

He hasn’t returned to his medication since.

Amazing to think isn’t it?

We still know so little about pain relief and the many wondrous possibilities in the natural world.

They’ve not turned bark scorpion venom into a medicine yet, but this is yet another one of those substances being investigated by scientists who are desperately seeking new drugs and new solutions to the world’s health problems.

Because the future of pain relief might be that we can SWITCH OFF the pain signal altogether.

For instance, what’s weirder than the bark scorpion pain relief story is what this little mouse does when it eats a bark scorpion.

It’s called the southern grasshopper mouse. A tiny cute thing with a penchant for gulping down deadly venomous scorpions.

Yes it gets stung…

But it turns the venom into a painkiller. It’s all down to a mutation in one of its proteins, known as Nav1.8, that prevents the pain signal from travelling beyond the point of the sting and reaching the brain.

It really goes to show that pain is a state of mind!

As expected, scientists are rushing to see how if they can somehow recreate this effect in humans.

While they investigate fang blenny’s, killer scorpion, snake venom and hard-as-nails mice, we have to reply on the natural pain relief available in the UK.

So what sort of pain options are available to you?

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