The two body parts that could ruin Christmas


  • Pain in your hip, knees, back? Why these two little body parts could be the real cause.
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It’s something my family did every Christmas Day…

…the dreaded post-dinner walk.

After the last morsels of pudding were drooling down our chins, my parents would drag my bother and I into the streets, no matter what the weather.

And you know what?

Now that I’m a Dad I do it too.

(Yes, even though my children moan, just like I did).

But what makes me sad is that when my parents – now into their seventies – came down for Christmas last year, they refuse to join us.

Both now have trouble walking. Sore knees, heel pains, bad hips. Nothing serious. Just flare ups and niggles. But it really gets to them and makes them miserable.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

A lot of this pain comes from a misalignment of the bones in the foot, which can get worse as you get older. Your foot’s balance and natural elasticity begins to go.

But just because something is more likely as you get older, doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.
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Cut off pain at its source…

…your FEET

People tend to ignore their feet when it comes to their health.

But think of your body like a house…

If it is built on a solid, well-planned foundations, the rest of the structure will hold up, whatever the weather, for many years.

Your feet at your foundations. Which makes them seem a lot more important now, right?

Take a look at this diagram:

See how the pain further up your body can be caused by your feet? The fancy medical term for it is “partial talotarsal dislocation”, but all you need to know is that if your feet aren’t functioning properly, it has knock-on effect throughout the rest of your skeleton.

When your feet aren’t properly aligned you can get all kinds of problems including back pain, sciatica, sacral joint pain, hip pain, posture problems, knee pain, pelvic imbalance and headaches.

According to a 2009 study the average person walks between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day. Think of the constant stresses on your bones, muscles and joints with every step you take with misaligned feet. It’s just going to get worse and worse.

All this discomfort can be avoided if you look after them properly and tackle the problem now, rather than later. Remember, just because your feet aren’t sore it doesn’t mean they’re not responsible for other aches and pains in your body.

But watch out for these painful symptoms too

As well as general pain in your hips, knees and lower back, there are some other symptoms you should watch out for – signs that your feet aren’t functioning properly.

– Bunions – this is a bone deformity caused by an enlarged big toe joint which then forms a bump when your toes are rudely shoved out of place.

– Plantar fasciitis – this pain flares up when the tissue connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes gets inflamed.

– Metatarsalgia – this is when the balls of the feet hurt, make worse by running, walking or standing for too long

– Flat Feet (fallen arches) – caused by faulty structure in your feet leading to a lower arch

So remember, it’s worth investing in your feet. After all, they’re holding the rest of you up!

One method is to try these out for size: LINK.

They can be slipped into your shoes to naturally realign your feet as you walk. Quickly they’ll begin to support your body properly again.

I’ve sent a pair to my parents to wear in the run-up to Christmas – it’s my hope we’ll have one of our classic family walks, just like the old days, with no moaning!

I’ll be back with more soon. Until next time, stay happy, healthy, footloose and fancy free!


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