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  1. Healthy Vision: How to Protect Your Eyesight from Macular Degeneration.

In this report, I’ll share with you what my team and I have uncovered about macular degeneration, including:

  • 6 questions you MUST ask your doctor if you’re told your eye sight is failing
  • The amino acid in egg whites, meat and milk that rids your eye of damaging toxins
  • How looking at a pen can help your eye stay healthier
  • The fish that can protect your vision
  • And much more…



  1. Prostate Health: The Uncomfortable Truth Every Man In Britain Needs to Know

In this report, I’d like to share with you what my team and I have uncovered about prostate disease, including:

  • The 3 most common prostate problems – symptoms, causes, treatments and natural ways to avoid them
  • When to see your doctor about your prostate and what to ask
  • Is Diet Important? What you should eat, and what you should avoid

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  • Is your arthritis and joint pain coming from your STOMACH? We reveal shocking and revolutionary new research that shows links between gut microbes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases in which the body’s immune system goes awry and attacks its own tissue. Don’t miss this one!
  • Worried about your weight? You’d be crazy not to try this green vegetable when you discover the latest revelations! A recent study found that eating this vegetable is linked to lower body weight, lower waist circumference (a risk factor for heart disease), higher levels of good cholesterol and a lower intake of added sugars!
  • Scandal! How big pharmaceutical companies are making you believe you are ill. A problem that is sweeping across America is become a problem here too. Find out more about it, and how you can protect yourself from this manipulation!
  • Breakthrough pain relief gadget reviewed – this promises fast drug-free relief from swollen and stiff joints, strained tendons and ligaments… but does it really do what it claims? We’ll reveal all.

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