Have you been breathing wrong all your life?


  • Why back pain could be caused by poor breathing
  • As well as high blood pressure, stress and depression…
  • And how to improve your breathing patterns in just 30 days


Simple, isn’t it?

Surely, we all know how to breathe.

Its…. just…. Basic.

We do it without even thinking.

But that’s the problem…

Breathing is something we do unconsciously…. so we can develop bad habits without even realising it.

In fact, most of us breathe the wrong way.

We use only a fifth of our lung capacity, drawing breath only from the upper and middle lobes of the lung. In doing so, we fail to use the diaphragm to pump air in and out of our whole lungs.

This can have catastrophic effects on your long-term health.

Why back pain could be caused by poor breathing

Jane Boston is a co-author of an anthology called Breath in Action.

She says, “We tend to take sips of a breath and hold it when we’re anxious, both of which can have a ripple effect through the system. One bad habit, like shallow breathing, triggers another. Breathing incorrectly can make you more susceptible to lower back pain.”

However, by changing your breathing patterns, she argues, you can prevent a whole array of problems…

Not only aches and pains caused by poor upper body posture, associated with bad breathing..

But also high blood pressure, stress, strokes, heart attacks and depression.

One of the easiest ways to revolutionise your breathing is to try a BreathEase trainer like this: BreathEase.

Use it for ten minutes each day and night, and it helps you breathe more deeply, strengthening the muscles and regulating the rhythm.

Basically, it’s like taking your respiratory system to the gym, but in an easy, quick, painless exercise you do at home, or at work.

As your breathing gets stronger, you can adjust the settings to offer more resistance and give your muscles a better work out.

Very quickly your unconscious breathing will improve through the day when you’re walking, gardening, and sat at your desk, reducing pain and stress.

While at night this new healthier breathing habit will reduce snoring, sleep apnoea and other problems.

It’s important that you address this now. Breathing troubles at night have been linked to all kinds of different health complaints such as:

• High blood pressure

• Strokes

• Heart attacks

• Obesity

• Diabetes

• Stress

• Irritability

• Depression

• Sudden death

In April 2016, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) found a link between heavy snoring and memory loss, poor concentration and early signs of dementia.

They found that people who treated their sleep breathing problems could push back these symptoms by ten years.

So if you snore heavily, or suffer breathing problems while you sleep, then I’d highly recommend you try out a trainer like this one.

It will take less than 30 days to experience a marked improvement in your breathing. This means less snoring, better night’s sleep, reduced stress and improved posture, with less back, neck and shoulder pain.

Here are a few comments from people who use the BreathEase kit:

‘I sent off for your BreathEase Kit and now I can’t do without it’
– E.S, Essex

‘I’ve used your product for 25 breaths each morning and evening and really do feel so much better. Well done to you and your company!’
– K. Curtis, Cleveland

‘I am enjoying walking again because I don’t get so out of breath – and it’s all thanks to your BreathEase inhaler’
– L. Carlton, Australia

‘I am a long time sufferer of breathing problems and your device is a godsend to me. It’s part of my medical equipment and I can’t do without it’
– P. Costelloe, Essex

However, if you try it and you’re unhappy for any reason within 30 days, the manufacturers will return your money.

Take a look at the website.

So are you breathing the wrong way?

Most of us don’t inflate our stomachs to breathe, which means we don’t allowing the diaphragm muscle to expand and pump air through our lungs.

Instead we breathe through our chests. When we do this, we use the top of our lungs. This is known as ‘shallow breathing’. This causes muscular stress around our chest, upper back and shoulders.

To remedy it, you can retrain your breathing, first by doing conscious exercises that will then become unconscious habit.

Spend 5 minutes each day doing the following…

First, put your hands on your stomach at the belly button area. Now breathe and feel your stomach expand like a balloon.

When you break out, push the stomach gently back in with it.

Do this for a few minutes, then try this second version…

Put your hands above our hips and just below your bottom ribs.

Now breath in and feel your lower ribs expand out. Then breath out and feel the ribs come back in.

This is known as ‘wide breathing’.

Deep, wide breathing using your diaphragm to pump your lungs with air -that’s the aim.

Finally, I’d recommend getting a BreathEase trainer. This does all the work for you, steadily improving your breathing.

It includes two treatments, one for the day and one for night. Each is designed to train your body to recognise the right way to breathe, resulting in less snoring, fewer breathing difficulties and reduced long-term risks to your health.

You’ll also experience….

• Reduced symptoms of asthma, allergies, COPD and breathlessness

• Better sleep and better mood the next day

• Improved energy and vitality

• Less breathlessness when you’re doing physical activity

For all the details read our webpage here: BreathEase

Until next time

Stay healthy!


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