Will you make this common dieting mistake?

  • Happy New Year! Here’s how The People’s Doctor can help you achieve your health goals in 2017
  • Are you making this dieting mistake?
  • How HGV Formula can help you suppress your appetite  the natural way and keep weight of for good

So here we are, it’s 2017.

Welcome to a new year and a new beginning.

I know, I know, EVERYONE says that.

But it’s a cliché, because it’s true.

If you can’t treat the turn of the year as a chance to turn the page in your life, then when CAN you make a change?

Why not grab the chance to set some goals?

I won’t bore you with the stuff I want to do this year… it ranges from “do more walking” to “take the kids to more sporting activities.”

Truth is, last year I got so caught up in my reading and research that I felt like I was turning into a giant slug, albeit a well-informed one.

There I was, writing about ‘good health’ while slumped at a desk staring at reports, guzzling coffee and getting backache!

Well, for me, it’s time for some balance. This year, I’m going to follow more of The People’s Doctor advice rather than just giving it!

So what about you?

How would you like to improve in your health and lifestyle this year?

I won’t presume you to know your resolutions BUT what I know that many people decide to make dietary changes at this time of year.

In some cases it’s eating more healthily, or giving something up like meat, wheat or diary.

And for others it’s shedding those pounds we accumulate in the winter.

So this month I want to arm you with some of the best advice I’ve gathered on controlling weight.

And the first is to avoid the big mistake many people make.

Try this if you’re going on a diet

There are a lot of diets around, and many of them work… for a while…

Personally, I’d not recommend any crash diets or cutting out entire food groups. It’s usually a mistake because you cannot possibly keep up the momentum or follow this eating plan long term.

Better to set a realistic weight loss goal over a much longer period of time, eating foods you love and will continue to eat!

In other words, a healthy balanced diet full of tasty food – what’s not to like about that?

But even with this more realistic and balanced approach, by February most people run out of steam. The novelty wears off, they get distracted by other problems and suddenly the old habits start creeping in.

One way to avoid this is to try and control your appetite over the long term.

For instance, did you know that vinegar, mixed with two other ingredients, can speed up your metabolism while also acting as an appetite suppressor?
Take a look at this.

When it comes down to it, this is the key to losing weight…. increase the calories you burn and reduce the amount you eat. Then you cannot fail!

But see how you feel after 30 days…

What’s good about this supplement that you can try it out for the whole of January and, if they’re not having a very noticeable effect by the end of the month, you can get a refund.

As inspiration, here’s what one person said about these on the Amazon website…

“I have been using these tablets for about 4months…

I did not want to write anything earlier because I wanted to see if they really work. I can say that that they do.

I have found that whilst we went through a spell where we were going out quite a lot and I had to eat things that I would not normally do. (I do not like to upset my host, so I always eat, but carefully) I found that taking these tablets has maintained my weight, I did not put any on.

When I got back to my proper eating / daily way of life, I found that I lost half a stone.”

If you try it you should notice that it has these effects…

• Faster metabolism and lower pressure

• Fewer after-meal blood sugar crashes

• Lower food cravings between meals

But if you’re sceptical and would like some more proof, then opt for this 30-day slimming trial to see how it can help control your weight.

Click here for more details.

Oh, and here’s another tip…

Get some shut eye!

There’s something else you can help to make a diet work and that’s to get a proper amount of sleep.

Research at King’s College London has found that sleep deprivation drives you to eat more food.

Tired people will eat on average 385 calories extra the next day.

So while you’re on your diet, try and get into a routine where you finish eating before 6pm, get an early night, and take naps if you feel it (and you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity!)

Then when you wake in the morning, try something like these HGV capsules to get your metabolism going again – without the huge cravings.

You can find out more here.

I’ll be back with more on Thursday – until then, stay healthy!


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