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James Mortimer
Director of Health Strategy,
  • 93% achieved positive results
    - some after only two weeks!'
  • Over 1.2 million courses sold
    Collagen is the vital building block of life and health - and the proven 'life enhancing tonic' is CollagenicaPlus!
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It's all downhill! The nastiest trick of all! After the age of 25 your skin, bones, heart, arteries, nails, hair and eyes are all breaking down - you are desperately collagen deficient!!!

Dear Customer,

Hello, my name is James Mortimer. After 25 the body convinces itself that the building and regenerative tissue work is done. And so what happens? The body's essential organ tissues, bones, skin, nails, hair and eyes begin to break down and literally die little by little, hour by hour and day by day. By the age of 50 your body is dangerously collagen deficient, by more than 50% and 70% deficient at 60 years old!

This lack of collagen - the protein that is essential to life, growth and regeneration - leads to premature ageing, joint and muscle damage, sexual dysfunction and a worrying increased risk of developing mild and serious disease.

Therefore a powerful collagen supplement is vital for:

A genuine 'giver of life' and proven anti-ageing tonic. The one true effective elixir of youth and health - CollagenicaPlus!

I'm writing to introduce you to the best selling collagen supplement, CollagenicaPlus, the world's purest and most powerful collagen tonic with 1,000mg of collagen per dosage it is far superior than high street brands. On average your body needs 33% collagen to maximise function, maintain good health and retain its youth. CollagenicaPlus is the perfect formulation, created in our laboratory after seven years of research.

The slow down of natural collagen production means that body tissues wear down, break and die. So the body is crying out for serious help - that will protect you from, or significantly alleviate and even eliminate, conditions such as arthritis, wrinkling, premature ageing and mild to serious disease. CollagenicaPlus provides all the help and support that the body needs in a proven collagen supplement.

'Now you can replenish and maximise your collagen stocks with CollagenicaPlus'

CollagenicaPlus is 100% natural - Experts predict powerful collagen supplements will help many people live past one hundred years old and still remain active and in the best of health.

I will provide you with the irrefutable medical evidence of your immediate need for a potent and enriched collagen supplement with evidence from highly respected experts from all over the world

93% show enormous benefits after just two weeks!

Roland Moskowtiz, Professor of Orthopaedics at the eminent research centre, Case Western University in the USA reported that a group taking a collagen supplement 'showed a significant reduction in pain and improvement in joint mobility, with 93% achieving positive results, some after only two weeks'.


"Collagen has been shown to not only protect the joints but maintain skin, tone and looks"

Daily Express, May 2nd, 2010)

It is now recommended to all British Olympic athletes!

Please read on for much more overwhelming medical evidence of this life
enhancing protein .....

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VITAL POINT TO REMEMBER: If you are not completely satisfied and decide to discontinue your course of treatment please just return your supplement containers (even if they are empty) and we will issue a full and rapid refund. No waiting around and no questions will be asked so no reasons will be required... you have my personal 100% cast iron commitment to this pledge - my word is my bond!


This is a complete ONE-OFF SPECIAL OFFER so that you can personally experience the power and vitality that only CollagenicaPlus can deliver.

Please remember that this trial is my idea as I'm so convinced of the overwhelming medical evidence and the potency of CollagenicaPlus. I have seen for myself the immense health and beauty benefits and that's why I'm sure this trial will literally be the start of a new lease of life for you that can see you live an active and healthy life well into your nineties and beyond!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

James Mortimer, Director of Health Strategy, CollagenicaPlus

"It makes all of us at CollagenicaPlus so immensely proud to play such a pivotal part in enbancing so many people's lives."

James Mortimer answers your questions:

Why is collagen so important?

Imagine a house, even just a simple bungalow being built without any cement. It will be unsteady, walls will lean over and just one gust of wind and it will all end in a pile of rubble. Put simply collagen is a building block and binding agent that holds our complex musculoskeletal structure together. Without it our cells and tissues get damaged and wither away and die. That's why we desperately need to keep our collagen stocks replenished.

Surely 30 is still too young for a collagen supplement?

Not at all! In fact it's the ideal time to begin if you want to keep your body, skin and bones in the very best condition and looking and feeling as young as possible. You genuinely can stave off the onset of arthritis, wrinkling and a host of vital organ diseases.

By the age of forty your collagen stocks really are at dangerously low levels so it's absolutely imperative that you take a highly effective collagen supplement every day. You'll notice almost immediately a new spring in your step and your health and appearance will be boosted like never before.

So what's the story behind CollagenicaPlus

Through my research of Collagen Hydrolysate (the formal blended ingredient) I kept discovering amazing and irrefutable evidence of how it can be applied as a potent anti- ageing supplement (please look at the validated medical trial shown in the enclosed Health Report). Keeping your cells and tissues in the very best of health really can act as a 'life enhancer' - an elixir if you will. It's one of the main reasons why many experts are predicting that so many more of us will live past one hundred years and still be in good physical and mental health.

So I worked tirelessly with my lab team to find the ultimate blend of high potency collagen and after seven years we finally found the perfect formulation. It was a champagne moment and one I'll never forget ... and here we are having sold over a million CollagenicaPlus supplements all over the world and with customers telling us that it really 'does turn back the clock'(read some of the stories yourself). It makes all of us at CollagenicaPlus so immensely proud to play such a pivotal part in enhancing so many people's lives.

Why is CollagenicaPlus the best supplement available?

Because in our laboratory trials we stuck meticulously to the methods employed in all the validated and proven trials. Then we added an enrichment process that made the natural fresh collagen easily ingested, digested and assimilated throughout the body. Finally we trialled it and found that the results were even better than we expected - 96.4% success rate - which has been reflected in CollagenicaPlus becoming the fastest and best selling collagen supplement around the world.

What the expert says about CollagenicaPlus
James Mortimer Director of Health Strategy, CollagenicaPlus!

Now we can all turn back the clock and feel younger again

When I first began my career in medicine it was believed that all ageing, including premature ageing, was just a simple fact to be accepted and it was all down to a choice of lifestyle and a lottery of genes.

However in the last ten years I've specialised in the one area of medicine that can seriously defy the ageing process as we know it and revitalise the health of your vital organs, skin, bones, hair, nails and eyes.

It's been known for decades that production of collagen - the essential protein of life, growth and regeneration - slows down after the age of thirty and this leaves cells and tissues vulnerable to serious damage, wear and tear and not enough collagen protein to repair the damage and regenerate new cells.

Lack of collagen leads to dry and wrinkled skin
CollagenicaPlus! restores collagen and makes skin tighte

'Taking CollagenicaPlus every day makes you look and feel younger'

But it's only in the last couple of years that we've been able to isolate purified collagen supplements and perfect a blending process that makes it highly effective for ingestion and assimilation throughout the body

The name of the supplement is CollagenicaPlus and I'm immensely proud to announce that after 1.2 million sales worldwide we are now introducing it to the UK

Beat Arthritis with Collagen

Don't just take our word for it...

By Martyn Halle, Daily Mail

How a collagen pill can beat arthritis

When long-distance runner Annie Conroy learned that the cartilage in her arthritic knee had virtually worn away, she thought she would have to hang up her running shoes.

Her orthopaedic surgeon told her she was in so much pain because there was little cartilage left. But he gave her hope by recommending collagen supplements.

Until recently, collagen has mainly figured as a skin treatment for removing the lines of ageing, but there is growing evidence that it can stimulate the growth of new cartilage in joints.

'It was virtually bone on bone, and I was told I might need a knee replacement operation in a few years if things got worse,' says Annie. 'I'd already torn one knee cartilage and recovered, and this setback seemed the final blow.

Just one a day makes all the difference

'The consultant performed a keyhole operation to clean up the debris that had accumulated in my joint and then suggested I took a collagen pill to see if it would help.

It was a case of try the pills or face being in pain and discomfort until I got the chance of a new knee. The anti-inflammatory drugs I had been taking hadn't really worked.'

Annie, a 55-year-old retired teacher from Cardiff, started taking daily coll agen supplements and found after three months the pain faded away. She is running again and has not looked back.

'I was amazed, because this wasn't a drug, and I thought it quite unusual for a hospital doctor to be recommending an alternative treatment,' she says.

"...after three months the pain faded away."

'I train about 35 miles a week and have recently recorded personal bests in road and cross- country races. I don't think I would have achieved those successes without the supplements.'

The claim that collagen can stimulate the growth of new cartilage in joints is borne out by recent medical studies which say that patients with arthritic or damaged joints showed improvement in mobility and pain relief when taking the supplement.

A laboratory study has also shown that collagen can stimulate the growth of new cartilage tissue. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body at about 33 per cent. It is present in bones, joints, muscle and other connective tissue. Scientists believe that in some people, particularly the elderly, its production slows down or stops

Supplements seem to perform the same role as natural collagen in keeping the tissue in joints healthy and supple.

Dr Stefan Oesser, of The University of Kiel in Germany, has published research which demon - strated that by adding collagen to cartilage tissue, it was possible to encourage extra cells to grow.

'This is the first time anyone has demonstrated that collagen has this effect on cartilage and backs up anectdotal evidence and patient trials,' he says.

'We are still trying to unravel why collagen works this way. That might be difficult to establish because there is a series of complex interactions. But we have at last established that it happens.'

Research two years ago by Roland Moskowtiz, a professor of orthopaedics at Case Western University in America, looked at 400 patients with arthritic knees from the U.S., Britain and Germany. Some got a placebo while others were treated with collagen.

The latter group showed significant reduction in pain and an improvement in joint mobility, with 93 per cent achieving positive results, some after only two weeks.

Dr Oesser, a physiologist, says further research due to be published later this year will add to the growing evidence that collagen is effective in damaged joints. Meanwhile, Annie Conroy is convinced that collagen pill helped her knee.

'I have always had an open mind about alternative treatments, he says. 'If a patient says she has pain relief and movement after taking collagen, I am perfectly prepared to believe it works. 'With arthritic pain, I don't think mainstream medicine has all the answers, and I would encourage patients to try treatments such as collagen and glucosamine.'

Christine Gorman and Alice Park

The Age of Arthritis

The first sign is often a twinge in your knee or your back or some stiffness at the base of your thumb. Or maybe you're getting out of the car and a sharp pain shoots down your leg from your hip to your calf. "Nothing serious," you think. "I must have just strained something. I'm too young to have arthritis."

Think again. If you are within even shouting distance of middle age, chances are you have osteoarthritis, a degenerative disorder in which the cartilage - the natural shock absorber that cushions the insides of your joints - begins to break down. Doctors used to think of it as a disease of old age, but they now believe that this form of arthritis, the most common of about 100 types, begins its relentless, initially painless course when you're still in your 30s, 20s or even younger. Most of the time you won't suspect anything is wrong until you're in your 40s or 50s and begin to feel those telltale twinges, signs that the disorder may be starting to affect your bones.

As with any chronic condition, there are always some things you can't control. But there's still a lot you can do for yourself. So pay attention to those twinges. Someday, you'll be glad you did.

By Lucy Johnston

My secret escape from pain of arthritis... Collagen

Daily doses of collagen can bring relief to the millions suffering from the agony of arthritis, a study has revealed.

Sufferers given capsules of collagen felt a reduction in pain and saw increased mobility in more than three in four cases.

Patients who took collagen supplements daily for three months were able to reduce pain- relieving medication significantly with very few side-effects.

The study was carried out on 2,000 men and women with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee at the University of Munich and Stamford University in the US.

Experts now believe collagen could offer help to the more than eight million arthritis sufferers in the UK, many of whom rely on medications which can have long-term side-effects.

Francesca Wickham, 24, from Cambridge, was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when just 11. She had been an active child who loved running and sports.

However as she grew older activity caused her increasing pain. Her symptoms worsened and the pain spread to her knees, hips, neck and shoulders. Her mobility was also affected.

"I used to love running, but the pain afterwards was so bad it was just not worth it," said Francesca, now assistant manager of a retail store. Six months ago she started taking collagen and her symptoms have significantly improved. I have felt more energetic and in less pain. I can do more as my body has more movement," she said.

At least half of the team were given daily proto-col collagen capsules by Professor Whyte, a leading expert in exercise science and a former silver Olympic medallist

Francesca Wickham, 24, from Cambridge suffers from a form of arthritis that affects young people

Professor Whyte, director of research at the British Olympic Medical Unit, said: "I believe these supplements played a crucial role in the success of the trip. Collagen has been shown to not only protect the joints but maintain skin tone and looks."

He added, "When we go into very high altitudes, UV exposure is dramatically increased and this can have a detrimental effect on skin. Studies show this supplement can protect against this as well as protecting joints."

The stars on the climb endured temperatures of minus 15ÂșC and low levels of oxygen. Collagen is traditionally used in anti-ageing creams to combat wrinkles.

"Collagen has been shown to not only protect the joints but maintain skin tone and looks."

Prof Whyte added: "Collagen is the most common protein in the body. We need it for healthy joints, physical resilience and the ability to recover from injuries. The body loses 1.5 per cent every year. By 40 we have lost 30 per cent."

By Stacey Oke DVM, MSc

Collagen Shown More Effective for
Arthritic Horses

Not only is the joint supplement ingredient type II collagen effective for arthritic horses, it also may be more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, reported Ramesh C. Gupta, DMV, MVSC, PhD, DABT, FTAS, professor and head of the Toxicology Department from Murray State University in Kentucky.

By Danielle Demetriou

Japanese eat collagen in attempt to stay young

Japanese eat collagen in attempt to stay young. Japan's ageing population is trying to eat itself young with the latest trend in wrinkle reduction: dining on collagen

From winter hot pots and pigs trotters to sweets, jams and noodles, Japanese women are embracing a raft of new foods and menus which are promoted as being rich in collagen.

Across the country, a growing number of "beauty" restaurants are specifically devoted to serving collagen hot pots in which clear chunks of the translucent tasteless protein are melted into a medley of vegetables, meat or fish.

By Isla Whitcrof

Could taking collagen pills ease your creaky joints?

Suffering from arthritic joints? At the moment, pain relief or, as a last resort, surgery are the only options conventional medicine has to offer you and the other 8.5 million Britons affected by osteoarthritis.

No wonder, then, that many people turn to alternative remedies to try to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

These include treatments such as acupuncture, or supplements such as glucosamine - both of which have conflicting research reports about their effectiveness. Another popular option is collagen.

Suffering from creaky joints?

This is the ingredient that gives our skin elasticity and stops wrinkles. It's also found in bones, joints, muscle and other connective tissue, including cartilage (giving it its strength and elasticity)

Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage breaks down, causing bones to rub directly on each other.

In young people cartilage regenerates at a rapid rate, but by the age of 30 this process of regeneration has slowed down and the thickness of cartilage around the joints begins to thin.

Repetitive sports, being overweight or leading a sedentary lifestyle exacerbate the process. The theory is that collagen supplements can help maintain or even replace lost cartilage.

Researchers at Harvard Medical school and Tufts Medical Centre in Boston, in the U.S., evaluated 30 patients over the age of 48 with arthritis of the knee.

The patients were divided into random groups; half of them took collagen hydrolosyte a nd the other group a placebo. The patients underwent an MRI scan at one week, 24 weeks and at 48 weeks.

Laboratory studies suggested the supplement 'stimulates the renewed synthesis of the cartilage', said the researchers.

"...collagen supplements can help maintain or
even replace lost cartilage."

Hurdlers rely on solid joints to withstand the pressures of the sport even after retirement.

Pat Jones, 68, a former Olympic hurdler, has been taking the supplement since September last year. Now a dog agility trainer, she has suffered from osteoarthritis of her left knee for more than a decade and was becoming dependent on pain killers to give her enough mobility to walk her dogs. She was worried that she would soon no longer be able to work as a dog trainer.

I have taken many supplements over the years - but nothing helped,' says Pat, from Woking, Surrey. 'If I walked for 20 minutes, I was in dreadful pain for several hours afterwards.

'I didn't want to undergo knee surgery, because it is a major operation, but for the first time I was beginning to think about it.

'Within a week of starting the pills, I thought I was simply having a good run because my recovery rate after going for a walk was shorter than it had been. But the improvement carried on, and suddenly I was able to walk the dogs for two hours a day.

'At Christmas, I stopped taking painkillers for the first time in ten years. I still have the odd bad day, but they are few and far between. I have also noticed that my knee is much less swollen than it had been before.'

Monday August 16, 2010

Arthritis breakthrough gives hope to millions

Millions suffering from crippling osteoarthritis have been given new hope after the discovery of a supplement that can halt the debilitating condition and even promote regrowth of damaged cartilage.

In severe cases the joints have to be replaced with artificial implants and until now there has been no known cure. But a discovery by a German abbess in the Middle Ages could hold the key to not only halting the degenerative process, but also help rebuild the damaged cartilage

The holy woman, Saint Hildegard of Bingen, identified the beneficial effect of calf cartilage broth in helping to ease joint pain. The active ingredient of the broth was collagen, and a US study says a natural collagen supplement, hydrolysate powder, helps regenerate joint tissue.

"The active ingredient of the broth was collagen, and a US study says a natural collagen supplement, hydrolysate powder, helps regenerate joint tissue."

By Nikki Haynes

COLLAGEN: Giving your face a natural lift

Trout pouts and pillow cheeks aside, the protein collagen is essential for our inner and outer body's maintenance. Has Metro stumbled upon the secret of eternal youth?

Could collagen be the secret of eternal youth?

Many Japanese trends could politely be described as quirky - who knows why the grass-growing loo seat or the dumbbell-cum- phone didn't catch on? However, the latest craze from the Far East is more mainstream - there, at least.

In the land of the rising sun, collagen, the connective protein that holds muscle tissue together, is added to just about everything, from bath gel to yoghurt. It's even crept on to restaurant menus in recent years: innocuous- looking hotpots containing melting cubes of the translucent, tasteless, jelly-like substance, and ingredients naturally rich in collagen such as pig's trotters, chicken skin and, controversially, shark fin, are must-have lunch options for beauty-conscious women.

"Could collagen be the secret of eternal youth?"

Collagen supplements are becoming popular too - Harvey Nichols, Holland & Barrett and numerous health websites stock them. But what's the secret of this so-called wonder protein?

'Collagen accounts for 30 to 45 per cent of the body's protein,' explains Kate Butler, a nutritionist for Holland & Barrett. 'It's the ssential structural component of all connective tissue and makes up approximately 75 per cent of the body's skin tissue. As a result, the depletion of collagen within the skin is thought to lead to the formation of wrinkles and the appearance of ageing.'

"collagen is vital for healthy joints. 'It can protect the cartilage and synovial fluid surrounding joints against deterioration from everyday wear and tear,' Butler says."

Holland & Barrett nutritionist Kate Butler

As well as plumping you up on the outside,collagen is vital for healthy joints. 'It can protect the cartilage and synovial fluid surrounding joints against deterioration from everyday wear and tear,' Butler says.

"increased mobility in more than three- quarters of cases."

Research has shown that collagen levels diminish at a rate of 1.5 per cent a year from the age of 25. By the time we get to 40, we've lost a third of our collagen, leading to arthritis, sagging skin, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal injuries such as lower back pain and joint injuries, and osteoporosis.

The University of Munich and Stanford University in the US carried out a study on 2,000 men and women with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee - sufferers given capsules of collagen felt a reduction in pain and saw increased mobility in more than three-quarters of cases.

Converted to collagen:

"the pain and all the symptoms had completely gone.'"

Stephanie Swann, 36, a photographer from Holland Park, was a keen cyclist until a knee problem threatened to force her to hang up her helmet for good.

'I was suffering from acute pain in my left knee. It was getting worse and, since I cycle everywhere, I was really upset at the prospect of not being able to do so anymore. I went to the doctor, who said it sounded like a cartilage issue and suggested I should see a specialist, with the possibility of needing some sort of surgery.

'I had heard from various friends that having a knee op should be avoided if possible. One had a bad experience where her knee was worse afterwards and another, who is a chiropractor, said it would mean they would take away cartilage and I would therefore run into problems later.

After taking collagen...

'Within two months, I was already feeling a huge improvement. The pain was definitely less and the swelling that I was starting to see after a long cycle was also reduced. Within three months I felt a huge improvement and within six months, the pain and all the symptoms had completely gone.'

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