• The perils of pain – and why it doesn’t have to be inevitable
  • Arthropharma: A way to cushion your joints and tackle the source of pain

My grandfather was an amazing character…

In the 1960s, 70s and early 80s he was a salesman for a lager company.

He’d travel all over Scotland doing deals with pubs, each time having half a pint of heavy with a whisky chaser (he never drank his own merchandise “It’s rotten” he’d say).

I’ve got pictures of him, chomping on a cigar, surrounded by the scantily models they used at the time to advertise the beer (this would NEVER be allowed today!)

He was a loudmouth, a joker, a party animal, a man about the town.

Then he retired early at 60…

Within a few years he developed pain in his knees. At the same time, many of his old brewery friends died (the perils of being from Glasgow in a time where life expectancy for men was unusually low compared the rest of the UK).

That’s when he changed…

He became preoccupied with pain. That was all he talked about. I rarely heard the booming laughter I’d loved as a young kid. He stayed in most days watching rubbish soaps and getting looked after by his wife.

The character drained away from him…

What’s weird is this…

He’d been a rogue in his working years, but it was life OUTSIDE of selling lager that was most unhealthy for him.

I’m not advocating wanton drinking and bad behaviour, but to me his decline was so sad, because he thought it was inevitable and “his lot” and that he’d end up in an early grave like so many of his pals.

And yet he lived like this for another fifteen years… far longer than he expected… but unhappily, bored, lonely, annoying the heck out of my grandmother, and all because of the pain.

This is something you might understand…

The perils of constant pain

Living with constant pain has an impact on every aspect of your life: you suffer, lose your motivation and zest for life, sink into misery and depression…

And that’s not all.

The loss of independence and mobility that pain can cause may have even more dramatic consequences.

You become dependent on others. You draw into yourself. And it can even make you unpopular. One by one your friends abandon you, making you feel very lonely.

If this rings a bel, then I’d like you take a look at this.

Here is a simply, natural way you can regain the independence and mobility you should expect at your age.

But it’s not simply about blocking it out.

Because here’s the thing many people forget.

Why pain is USEFUL

Pain is your body’s alarm system.

Pain tells you that your body has been damaged – and if you do nothing about it, or put too much strain on the affected area, the damage will get worse and the pain may become unbearable…

So, if all you do is numb the pain (with analgesics, anti-inflammatories or other painkillers), you’ll actually make your problem worse without realising it.

When the painkiller stops working, your pain will become more and more severe over time. And you’ll be doing more damage to your body.

This is a vicious circle that can have serious consequences.

Millions of people have found themselves disabled because they chose to fight their pain rather than tackle the underlying problem.

If you take a look at our webpage, you’ll see details of something called Arthropharma. Its gel contains active ingredients in a natural gel that find their way to your affected joint.

Once there, they help form a protective cushion. This protective cushion lubricates your joints, reducing friction and the pain that goes with it.

At the same time, other molecules set to work…

The first treats the damaged joint and stops the disease from progressing, while the second repairs the damaged area.

For more information take a look at this.

This is something you can try out – see if it works – and get a full refund if you’re don’t see (and feel) the evidence that this really works.

Well worth trying – because no matter how old you are, you deserve to feel like yourself.

Until next time


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