Is this the weirdest ever remedy for joint pain?

  • The amazing healing secrets of these African sands
  • A natural attack on the causes of joint pain – Click here to find out more
  • How to feed your muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bones with essential minerals: CLICK HERE.
  • Why my Dad will HATE me for writing this…

The natural world is a wondrous thing…

So many weird and wonderful remedies are found in the plants, meats and minerals of our planet.

Many of these have already been turned into conventional medicine. But others remain ‘outsiders’ – natural and very effective, but not yet synthesised and meddled with by the pharmaceutical industry.

For our money at The People’s Doctor, this has to be one of the weirdest….

Take a look at this amazing story about how healing African sands could ease your joint pain problems.

Seriously, if you get any kind of stiffness, pain and discomfort in your joints, you MUST try this. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to buy a plane ticket and jet off to the African desert to become buried in sand (although this is how this remedy began!) Instead, this is something you can apply like a lotion to the painful area – at home, or wherever you choose, whenever you need it.

FX-silica contains organic silica formulation, a substance your body desperately craves the older your get. It quickly gets absorbed into your skin. After which it …

  • Feeds essential minerals to your muscles, ligaments, cartilage and bones
  • Boosts your immune system for quicker healing and recovery
  • Helps repair damaged cartilage within joints, the major source of pain
  • Makes your nails and skin look great – and helps keep those wrinkles in check!

As well as silica, this remedy contains blackcurrant – a natural anti-inflammatory and a rich source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA).  In 2002 the journal Rheumatology concluded that there was support for gamma linolenic acid (GLA), “reducing pain, tender joint count and stiffness.”

FX-silica also contains Glucosamine and chondroitin – these protect, stabilise and help repair damaged cartilage within joints, which is the source of arthritic and rheumatic pain.

But look, you should know the remarkable origins of this remedy. This excellent website explains it really well, and it offers you the opportunity to try this, risk free. Either it helps ease your joint pain or you can send it back within a month!

Click here to try this weird, wonderful and powerful remedy.

My Dad’s going to hate me for writing this

As I’ve mentioned before in these emails, there’s a history of arthritis in my family.

My Dad uses this on his knee joints whenever pain flares up and swears by FX-silica – even though he pretends never to use it.

That may sound odd. But let me tell you something about my Dad…

He’s in his 70s but absolutely refuses to BE a man in his 70s. As soon as my girls turn up at his house he’s crawling around on the floor being a monster, swinging them around the garden and chasing them up the stairs. Then he grabs my dog by the lead and goes walking for up to an hour. That’s before he heads off to the pub he runs with my brother for a night of being on his feet.

Then in his spare time he’s out in the garden on his knees doing the weeding!

“My knees are playing up,” he’ll occasionally say.

“No wonder!” I reply, “even MY knees would hurt if I did all that”.

What he doesn’t ever mention is that he uses the FX-Silica I recommended for him when I joined the People’s Doctor team. The benefits looked to amazing to pass up the chance to help Dad. Now it’s like his little secret in his bathroom cabinet. And he’d hate me to tell you he uses it.

But Mum’s the word, right?

Time to put a spring in your step

In all seriousness, this is something you consider if you like doing walking, gardening, or any outdoor pursuits. Now that Spring is approaching, you should give yourself every opportunity to enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

Time to get out and enjoy life. And if you get painful niggles, it’s going to be a lot more fun if you have this in your pocket.

We’ll be back with more soon.


Until then, stay happy and healthy!

Richard Sampson

The People’s Doctor


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