The fruit that made Cleopatra beautiful


When I was a teenager I was cursed with a baby face.

It was horrible. The girls liked the older looking boys. I couldn’t sneak into the pub with my friends. Strangers assumed I was two or three years younger and patronised me.

Not ideal for a sulky teenager.

Of course, as I got older, my ‘condition’ mattered less.

By the time I was in my 30s, I was only too delighted to be mistaken as someone younger… while all those rugged-looking guys started losing their hair and turning into Alan Partridge.

But my triumph didn’t last long…

You see, having a younger complexion means that when you DO start to age, everyone delights in pointing it out to you.

“The years are REALLY beginning to show!”

“Crikey, Rich, are you going grey? Ha ha ha ha!”

“What’s happened to your face, Rich?”

Now, I’ve not been tempted to get metrosexual like David Beckham and start slathering myself in creams made of unicorn milk and moonbeams, or whatever it is they are supposed to contain.

But I can understand the power of the beauty industry and its miracle anti-wrinkle creams, moisturisers and natural face lifts. They make billions from our insecurities.

Because we would all like to press PAUSE on the ageing process.

Even better if we could turn the clock back.

And this is why you get products like EGYPTIAN MAGIC.

In 2015 this was profiled in a Daily Mail Article that announced:

“The face cream fit for a queen: Moisturiser supposedly created for Cleopatra 2,500 years ago is a hit with A-listers and even plastic surgeons say it has healing powers.”

Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and People were forking out good money for this Cleopatra-based elixir of youth, containing a ‘secret’ mix of olive oil, beeswax, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis.

Well, from that list of ingredients it doesn’t seem too secret to me. Honey? Olive oil? They are items you could source yourself and put together at home.

What’s more, the secrets of Cleopatra are out there anyway.

For instance, there’s an author named Ray Collins who can give you one of Cleopatra’s beauty treatments to make at home for pennies using some cucumber and an amazing little fruit.

I’m sure Ray won’t mind me passing this on, it’s from his brilliant, highly acclaimed and very entertaining Lemon Book, which has 76 health remedies for all kinds of problems and niggles that you can solve with – you guessed it – a lemon.

You can take a look at it here: Amazing benefits of the humble lemon

Cleopatra’s anti-wrinkle treatment

Ray says you need…

“Two unpeeled cucumbers, whipped cream, a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of honey and several halved lemons.

Slice the cucumbers into the smallest strips without leaving your fingers on the chopping board. Put them in a blender and add dollops of cream until the mixture makes a paste. Then add the olive oil and honey and give it a quick whiz until it disappears.

Add in a large pinch of cornstarch, blend for a few more seconds, then leave in the fridge for at least half an hour.”

So what do you do next?

Well, it’s all laid out by Ray in The Lemon book, along with loads more homemade remedies and treatments you can make very cheaply, that are as good (or better) than much of the stuff on supermarket and chemist shelves.

You can see the list of incredible feats a lemon can do here but here are some of them…

How drinking this special lemon mixture ‘through your nose’ help ease asthma symptoms

Could a lemon cake mix keep you younger..?

Get rid of cellulite by doing this every day with a lemon

The lemon juice trick that boosts your baby’s immune system.

Got an interview or important meeting…? Then you MUST do this with a lemon the night before

Get rid of dandruff for good by using lemon juice and shampoo STRICTLY in this order..

Constipation? Do this half an hour before you have breakfast…

Over 60? The surprising reason why you should rub lemon juice on the back of your hands…

If your kids suffer from nightmares, cut a lemon in half and use this simple trick on their feet!…

Blitz those spots with lemon juice and these two extra ingredients….

Why putting a lemon in your fridge will give you the most powerful skin cleanser for pennies!.

The amazing breakthrough of the ‘drunken’ anti-wrinkle skin pack! Just mix lemon juice with this common tipple, and dab on your face. Y

The best end-of-day soak you’ll ever try! Just mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with these three household ingredients to feel pain ebb away.

It’s a cracking read and full of advice, recipes and funny stories. You can see a full list of the tips inside and get a copy here.

As Ray points out, there’s nothing wrong with trying to turn the clock back naturally, but you don’t need to pay silly money to the beauty industry to do it. We have all the tools and ingredients at our disposal (one you know a few nifty tricks and recipes).

I’ll be back with more at the weekend.

Until then, stay beautiful!


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