Why it’s bad to starve yourself in January



  • Is dry January, diet January or “give up stuff” January driving you mad?
  • Why this month might not be the time to deprive yourself
  • Here’s a different approach to losing weight that has ZERO dieting: weight loss without diet

Are friends driving you crazy?

They might well be if you’re on social media – particularly Facebook.

But even if not, this could be happening to you anyway…

A lot of people are doing ‘dry January’ (no drinking) or they’re on diets or they’ve converted to a new lifestyle (veganism, perhaps, or they’ve stopped smoking).

And they like to tell you all about it!

Perhaps you are one of them?

In fact, as I pointed out last week, 33% of all New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight, while 32% are to eat more healthily.

So ONE in THREE people reading this right now are on a diet.

I completely understand why people like to keep banging on about their healthy January. Telling everyone about it publicly is sometimes a way of forcing yourself to keep going.

Because it’s HARD.

The first few days, fine, the second week, tougher… but it soon begins to drag… your willpower gets sapped…. old habits creep in. The usual cravings and weaknesses.

And that’s because you’ve only temporarily changed your behaviour – and by really forcing it, too….

You’ve not tackled the root causes of your eating habits…

And you’ve made you body hit the panic mode right slap-bang in the middle of winter when it most needs looking after.

The thing is, there’s no need for it to be like this.

There is a way you can steadily lose weight over the long term, and keep it off. And you do it with a very gentle, subtle reprogramming.

Take a look at this remarkable programme called Weight Loss As If By Magic. It is absolutely NOT a diet book. There are no foods that you can’t eat. No difficult regimes to follow! You don’t need to follow a single instruction.

All you do is sit down and read it.

I know that sounds strange, but this is all about spotting the TRUE triggers that cause you to eat too much of the wrong foods, too often. These triggers don’t just disappear because you have a healthy January, or go on a 4 week diet. They will always be there, threatening your weight loss, unless you spot them and challenge them.

This is what Wendy can do for you.

No starvation. No big challenges to your willpower. No constant scale-watching.

And if you don’t start developing a leaner, trimmer body within weeks of starting the programme then you won’t pay her a penny.

For information on the trial, click here.

Why it’s bad to starve yourself in January

You see, the truth is, there’s never a good time to starve yourself, or cut out major food groups.

It’s simply not a sustainable way to lose weight.

If you can’t keep it up forever, then you will pile on the pounds – except your body will be in emergency mode after the diet and store MORE fat.

But January makes it worse…

We’re in the thick of winter. A cold dark month with no festivities to look forward to. We should be nourishing our bodies with delicious wholesome food, enjoying the occasional glass of wine, and the occasional sweet treat if that’s what we’re inclined to do.

It’s all about keeping a healthy balance based on what our bodies really need.

As the brilliant Wendy Churchill, author of Weight Loss As If By Magic, says:

“Generally speaking, the reason that slim people are slim is because their weight is ‘set’ at naturally slim. They don’t overeat but then they don’t forgo pleasures either. Their body then alters their metabolism to keep them at their naturally slim weight.”

She believes that by finding how to set your body’s natural weight to ‘slim’ you can better keep the weight off.

So really her programme is about finding the right setting for your body, like a thermostat in your house,

For instance, she can show you:

• Why there is a high chance you may be suffering from a mild medical condition or nutritional imbalance that can cause weight gain

• Why many men suffer from an intolerance to this food group that makes weight accumulate around the middle.

• How to re-balance your body so that it naturally craves what’s good for it – and has no desire for what makes it fat

• Why no attempts to eat less will ever work until you’ve found the answer to this simple question

The good thing about Wendy’s approach is that you don’t need to rely on willpower and “end of month” targets to try and lose weight. You can just be your natural self.

If there’s a drawback, it’s that you are going to need to confront the true reasons why you eat too much, or too much of the unhealthy stuff.

This might mean a bit of self-analysis, honesty and admitting some flaws.

But it’ll all happen in private and the results will last you a lifetime. It could be that you start to lose weight without struggling on some severe diet that makes you miserable – and which is likely to fail in the long run.

This could be a genuine ‘new you’, rather than the temporary ‘new you’ that will be back to its old self by March.

Anyway. Take a look at this and see what you think: weight loss as if by magic

Until next time, stay healthy


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