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Magnesium prevents hair loss

  • The most ridiculous hair loss remedy in history?
  • Why most baldness products are rubbish…
  • Magnesium is ONE way to switch off a cause of hair loss

Worried about hair loss?

You’re not alone.

A lot of people do…

This is because hair loss from your head comes with all kinds of social stigma…

We worry that it makes us look prematurely old…

We worry that it makes us less attractive…

We worry that it’s a sign of deeper underlying health problems.

As much as people will tell you looks don’t matter, and age is just a number, we simply hate the idea of losing hair.

It’s been this way for a long time.

Step forward a baldness cure from 1903.

All hail the Evans Vacuum Cap!

You can see this amazing invention in the photo at the top of today’s email.

Quite simply, it’s a helmet that you wedge onto your head. Switch it on and it sucks at your scalp like a vacuum cleaner.

Used for ten minutes, twice a day, it supposedly “forced healthy circulation” in the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

As the advert used to say: “No More Bald Heads!”

Quite a strong claim that one!

There are other strange cures from yesteryear too.

For instance, here’s one that ‘cures dandruff, soothes all irritation of scalp, makes the hair grow and gives a beautiful lustre.”

What’s in it?

Cocaine, of course!

Yes, there have been a lot of weird and wonderful remedies for hair loss.

And yet…

We still lose hair

Less than half of women will get through their entire lives with all their hair.

And about 80% of men will experience balding before they shuffle from this mortal coil.

So the MAJORITY of people go through this experience.

Which is why baldness cures are such big business – yet so few of them have had an impact on the world’s hair loss.

Many exploit people’s vanity, fear of growing old, and medical issues.

And many can’t possibly work.

Because the truth is, for some people going bald is unavoidable.

With age, your hair naturally thins out. This can become acute if it’s genetically inherited – in other words, if it runs in your family.

Male pattern hair loss is down to a genetic predisposition, simple as that.

However, not all hair loss is simply down to genetics…

And there are factors that can increase the rate of hair loss.

I mentioned one of these key factors in the last People’s Doctor email…

And that’s a lack of magnesium.

For more information, take a look at this: Magnesium For Hair Loss

Why magnesium deficiency is a factor in some kinds of hair loss

In women, for instance, magnesium deficiency is linked to symptoms of excess testosterone like hair loss (on the scalp, of course, rather than the places on the body where most women would like to lose hair).

Magnesium helps our bodies absorb other nutrients. For instance, without magnesium, calcium doesn’t get into your bones and instead clogs up your arteries and form calcifications in your joints.

This can lead to little deposits of calcium on your scalp, causing hair loss.

And because magnesium helps your body absorb and use other nutrients more efficiently, it can help you get more of the following hair-growth boosters into your system:

• Vitamin A – dry hair is more likely to fall out. But the scalp uses vitamin A to create sebum to keeps hair moist and healthy. Eat more spinach, carrots, apricots.

• Vitamin B6 – this aids blood circulation and healthy cells, helping to stimulate hair growth. Liver, whole grains, eggs, and vegetables.

• Vitamin B12 – helps hair growth and can be found in chicken, eggs, milk, seeds, and fish

• Vitamin C, boost rate of hair growth by encouraging your body to produce of collagen.

• Calcium and vitamin D – these don’t only keep your bones and nails health, but help your hair too,

• Inositol – protects your hair follicles. Found in whole grains, citrus fruit, bananas, brown rice, nuts, most vegetables, and liver.

• Zinc – another one that keeps hair follicles healthy and can appears in many shampoos

So one ways to enjoy a healthier head of hair is to top up your magnesium.

As mentioned in the previous issue, here’s our recommended source of 100% natural magnesium , the kind that’s easily absorbed by the body.

There is one other thing you might try, before you shell out on some advertised wonder potion you see in the back of a newspaper.

Grow your hair with a lemon

Lemons are rich in vitamin C (see above) and acids that tighten the hair follicles and clean your scalp, unclogging the follicles. It also helps control the production of oil in your scalp.

So one home remedy for healthier hair is the humble lemon.

There are lots of recipes for lemon hair treatments (check out Ray Collins’ brilliant The Lemon Book for some of the best) but here’s a really simple one:

Once a week, combine a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of coconut water (available form most supermarkets and a nice healthy drink too).

Massage this into your scalp and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash it out with a mild shampoo.

This will strengthen your hair follicles, helping to prevent hair loss and promote healthy growth.

As a final tip…

Your hair is not some alien creature atop your head (unless you are Donald Trump) – it’s part of your body, and if your body is unhealthy, your hair will be, too.

Exercise and a varied diet with plenty of whole foods, fruit and veg will help you keep a good head of hair for longer.

And with that, I’ll leave you to go searching for lemons!

Until next time.

Stay Healthy,


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