It’s right to be sceptical but also open minded about this



  • How this 68-year old farmer turned his poor health around
  • Discover one man’s amazing story about how magnetic bracelets helped him win in fight against pain
  • A remedy for migraines, eczema, insomnia, chest infections, fatigue and joint pain

If you’ve struggling with health problems your GP can’t help you with, then this is an inspiring story….

A 68-year old farmer called Trevor Bond had been running his family business for 40 years. As you can imagine from his job description, he was very active and always in great shape.

Then everything changed….

Within a few months a series of illnesses tore his life fell apart. He lost the use of his right arm and right leg. In hospital he was rigged up to machines and put on medication.

“When I first came out of hospital,” he says, “I was completely useless at home. I really couldn’t hack taking all the medication, it just made me feel worse.”

After a few months Mr Bond went back to see his GP to discuss his medication and asked if there were any alternatives but the doctor didn’t offer anything.

After that, life seemed to be on hold. He wanted to get better but the process was so slow. Mobility was poor and he felt hopeless.

That was when he came across a magnetic bracelet ad.

“We get lots of things through the post,” he admitted, “most of which I just put in the bin. I was a bit sceptical. I had tried other magnetic products in the past but they made no difference.”

He was right to be dubious about it – we should challenge and think about health remedies, but that goes for the ones the GP feeds us or the pharmacists puts on his shelves too!

While famous fans of magnets include Bill Clinton and Sir Anthony Hopkins, many people still debate the science and there’s a constant debate going on in the media.

However, for Mr Bond, this particular type of magnetic therapy was intriguing – you can see why here on our website.

What happened next…

To his surprise, Mr Bond’s recovery began to speed up after wearing the bracelet.

“I had difficulty doing normal everyday things,” he explains. “My right arm had never been able to reach up to wash my back, but now I can reach all the way to my shoulder. I’ve used magnets before but they didn’t make much difference, yet for some reason this one works.”

He continues…

“People may say it is a placebo, but for me it was like a door opening to a new life… Before falling ill I never had sleep problems. But after my illness that changed. I would wake at 1.00 or 2.00am in the morning about four out of seven nights. After waking, I always struggled to get back to sleep, which made life very difficult, particularly as I was living on a working farm where everyone was up at 6am.”

So for Trevor Bond, the debate around magnetics became less of an issue because they made him feel better and put him back on the road to recovery.

“Whatever metals are in this bracelet, I don’t care, they have made a huge difference to my life.”

Other devotees of magnets claim it helps with migraines, eczema, chest infections, fatigue, joint pain, stress and many other nagging issues.

But I’d be interested in hearing about your experience… Have you found magnets to help? Or are you willing to try one out and let us all know how you get on?

If so, then consider something like this. It has gold-plated panels, hides 6 800 Gauss magnets, but it looks just like regular jewellery, so you don’t need to get into discussions with sceptical friends about it!

What’s more, this comes with a free book called ‘Pain Relief with Magnets’ and a 90-day home trial. If you don’t feel significant improvement in your health you can send it back for a refund.

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Well worth trying and do let me know the results!

Until next time, stay healthy


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