A Surprisingly Fruity Solution for this Embarrassing Bedroom Problem



  • If any of these issues worry you, this is a very important email
  • Scientists reveal the latest breakthrough for an embarrassing bedroom problem…. (drum roll)
  • Try this natural support for the prostate gland that causes men so much worry

This one’s going out to my fellow men…

And to the many women whose lives are affected by this too… even if it’s by proxy!

If you suffer from an embarrassing problem in the bedroom (or know someone who does) there’s some good news.

Finally, science is waking up to something alternative health practitioners have known for a long time…

One of the best ways to ward off erectile problems for the long-term is to make changes to your diet.

Now I know a lot of people think that reaching for the pills MUST be the most effective way to deal with things like this.

But it can all begin with much more simple, natural steps you take today.

And this one is backed up by the latest science…

New research at the University of East Anglia has found that men who regularly eat food containing high levels of flavonoids are far less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Blackcurrants are one of the best examples. In studies they’ve lowered the risk of developing the condition by 21%.

That’s a hefty percentage for such a little fruit.

This is because they’re packed with high levels of a flavonoid called Anthocyanin. Some studies show that this can even help destroy cancerous cells.

Professor Derek Stewart of the James Hutton Institute said:

“This study highlights that there are simple and enjoyable dietary routes to reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction: eat soft fruit and drink the associated juices”.

So before you rely on the little blue pills the doctor dishes out – try reaching for the fruit bowl instead, particularly blackberries, which are now in season, so there couldn’t be a perfect time to get out into the hedgerows with a bucket.


However, there could be another reason for your woes…

One of the reasons you could be suffering this horrible and life-changing bedroom problem is because of your prostate.

Many sufferers of prostatitis experience sexual dysfunction, including premature ejaculation, losing gratification and other related issues.

Or there’s BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) where the prostate grows over-large and compresses the urethra tube, causing discomfort and pain, affecting intimate relationships.

Whether it’s BPH. prostatitis or any other common prostate condition, once you’ve spoken to a professional, you should consider a natural resolution alongside your other treatments.

For instance, a supplement like this one has been formulated as a natural support for the prostate gland and includes an all-natural cast of ingredients including:

  • Cold pressed grade marrow seed oil
  • non-hydrogenated palm nut oil
  • fresh onion concentrate
  • omega 3 rich saltwater fish oil
  • AGL rich borage oil
  • Whole yam extract (Dioscorea)
  • sea cabbage
  • carotene and vitamins from vegetal sources,
  • beeswax
  • vitamin E.

The beauty of this is that you can use it without side-effects or disrupting any other therapies and medicines the doctor gives you.

However please bear in mind the obvious – that this is a natural support to boost your prostate’s health and immunity and not a cure for cancer. Please consult your doctor if you’re worried about your prostate health and get it checked out propery.

Otherwise, take a look at this website for more details on protecting your prostate.

7 more things you can do today to protect your prostate

You can also support your prostate by following these steps.

  • Avoid eating too much red meat or high-fat dairy products, as this is linked with a higher chance of getting prostate cancer.
  • Try to eat six portions of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables a day. In general, include more raw food in your diet, As I’ve mentioned, particularly choose flavonoid-rich fruits like blackberries. It’s a lot of portions, which is why a supplement like this one can help make up the difference.
  • Include three portions of oily fish a week, such as salmon, herrings, mackerel or sardines, which are rich in vitamin D and essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. For a good source of omega 3 rich saltwater fish oil, among other powerful ingredients, click here.
  • There is a link between obesity and cancer – putting on those extra cuddly pounds around your waist doubles your risk of dying of cancer. Keep the weight down by trying to eat whole natural foods in home cooked meals (no processed foods, junk foods or carb-heavy meals)
  • Exercise – do 30 minutes of moderate exercise like walking or swimming, five times a week.
  • Get more selenium. There is evidence that selenium, a trace mineral, helps lower the risk of prostate cancer by combating cell damage. Selenium is found in broccoli, Brazil nuts, seafood, asparagus, brown rice and onions
  • Keep up the sex life, as this is shown to protect the prostate too. Prostate fluid is a main ingredient of semen. When a man ejaculates, the prostate fluid is expelled, which help the prostate gland to “detox”.

If you put all the steps in this email into operation, you’ll give your prostate the healthiest kick possible, and potentially rid yourself of those frustrating problems associated with it.

Remember, if getting all those nutrients is a struggle, you can do it all in one supplement – click here for the details.

I’ll be back with more on Thursday – until then, stay healthy!


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