New Breakthrough: using SOUND to kill cancer



  • A brand new breakthrough for prostate cancer sufferers
  • PLUS – how we can now ‘read’ the hieroglyphics of the DNA behind prostate disease

This story is a bit personal.

But this is probably the experience of so many men, and there’s a good reason for me to tell it.

So here it goes…

When I was 40 I had some internal pain in my pelvis area… around the groin and lower back… so I went to the doctor.

And, as seems to be the case ever since I turned 40, the doctor immediately slipped on a rubber glove and asked me to take my trousers down.

(I know, I know, too much detail!)

Anyway, as all men should know, a regular prostate examination is something that is necessary for protecting our health. It’s important to have these checks.

As a result of this, I had a suspected inflammation in my prostate and had to go for a PSA blood test to check for cancer.

It was this experience that inspired me to put together my report called Prostate Health: The Uncomfortable Truth Every Man In Britain Needs to Know, which you would have been offered when you joined The People’s Doctor.

If you’re a man over 35 and haven’t read it yet, then it’s worth doing so.

This report is still available on the website, so if you know anyone who might benefit from it, all they have to do is enter their email address.

Check out the top right hand corner of the page, or send them to this page.

I pretty much thought I had the lowdown on prostate problems in that report, however, things move so quickly in the medical science world that another innovation has come along that isn’t in there and I really want to tell you about.

A way of attacking cancer in the prostate without intrusive surgery.

I usually get to learn about new breakthroughs by reading respectable journals and medical reports… but shame to say I came across this breakthrough in an article in the Mail on Sunday.

It had the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman grinning from the pages and the headline:

“Keep your pecker up Bill… new prostate cancer zapper won’t wreck your love life”

Wonderfully tactful stuff, the Daily Mail. Getting right to the crux of the problem as usual!

Bill Wyman is one of many men who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And the article was about a brand new treatment that uses sound waves to “blast away” the tumour without damaging the healthy tissue around it.

The technical term is “high-intensity focused ultrasound” or “HIFU”.

It was announced at the European Association of Urology annual meeting in Munich that HIFU can deliver a 93% survival rate at five years, which is amazing. And the real benefit is that this form of therapy means you can avoid the side-effects of impotence or incontinence.

This is good news to add to the break-though from last year….

The genetic code from prostate cancer

In a study led by scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research in London, they discovered the genetic cause behind 90% of tumours.

There are drugs which can tackle those precise genetic defects which means thousands of men now have hope of a cure.

In the study, published in the journal Cell the scientists called it “The Rosetta Stone” for prostate cancer. As you might know, the Rosetta Stone was a tablet that allowed historians to work out what Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics mean.

In terms of prostate disease it means they can read the DNA behind the problem and target it far better than previously.

Of course, if you don’t suffer from prostate problems, that’s no reason to be complacent.

A quick prostate protection checklist

To keep yourself as protected as you can…

  • Avoid eating too much red meat or high-fat dairy products, as this is linked with a higher chance of getting prostate cancer.
  • Exercise – do 30 minutes of moderate exercise like walking or swimming, five times a week.
  • Keep the weight down by trying to eat whole natural foods in home cooked meals (no processed foods, junk foods or carb-heavy meals)
  • Keep up the sex life, as this is shown to protect the prostate too
  • You can also try this protective formula, which we feature in the People’s Doctor Shop.

If you’re worried about prostate disease, I hope this email has given you hope. I’ll be back with more health news and breakthroughs on Saturday.

Until then, stay healthy!


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