A weather warning that could be bad news for you


  • An early pollen count warning
  • Hay fever? Allergies? Asthma? Why some remedies could get you arrested!
  • Here’s something that could help you avoid the worst of it: hay fever remedy WITHOUT the drugs

We’ve had some cracking spring weather…

A hot, dry April and May were good news for a lot of people after the bleakness of winter.

Long dry days, weekend barbeques, fun in pub gardens and sunny walks in the countryside…. all with higher vitamin-D levels and plenty of mood-enhancing sunshine!

But it’s not all good news…

We’ve had some heavy downpours recently, and today’s no exception but as soon as the rain stops anyone who suffers from hay fever faces big problems this year.

According to Allergy UK’s scientific director Jean Emberlin, the rains have followed hot weather just as Britain’s grasses have start flowering. This has created a perfect storm of conditions for high pollen counts.

Emberlin predicts these will be much higher than normal until September.

Or “three months of hell” as the Express succinctly put it last the weekend.

Virtually anyone who gets hay fever should brace themselves, say the experts.

But what’s the best way to protect yourself?

Well, before you stock up like crazy on medicines, beware that while they can work OK, they mask the root causes of the irritation, plus they have side effects such as drowsiness.

They could even put you at risk of drug driving!

New tougher laws on driving under the influence of drugs INCLUDE prescription medicines and over-the-counter hay fever remedies – and swab tests at the roadside can catch you out.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor from Confused.com, told The Express: “It’s worrying to see that so many drivers admit to driving while under the influence of drugs (15 per cent) – both prescription (12 per cent) and illegal (three per cent).”

So if you want a drug-free way to clean your airways and keep them free of irritants, then consider getting yourself one of these: ‘Salt Therapy Pipe

This is something you can use for 15 minutes a day to avoid the worst of the symptoms. No drugs, no drowsiness.

As you breathe through the pipe the air absorbs tiny miocene salt crystals composed of sodium chloride, magnesium, and calcium. This form of halite salt has long been used in salt therapy for conditions like asthma, allergies, bronchitis and ear infections.

About 15 minutes per day is all you need to clean your air passages and reduce hay fever symptoms.

There are no side-effects and it’s completely safe to use alongside other medications and other therapies.

You also get a trial period to see proof that it works with a full refund if you’re unimpressed with the results.

And by trial period, we’re not messing around…

You get a full SIX MONTHS to give this a proper go. Even if the pipe is scratched or chipped at the end of it (which, to be fair, is more than likely) you can still send it back.

The pipe is also refillable, which means you can use it every day, two or three times if you like. There’s no batteries, no charger, no need to plug it iin – it’s all natural.

Click here for more details

Why now’s the best time to put something like this to the test…

We’re about to see a terrible combination of hot weather, thunderstorms and grass-flowering. So it’s best to try a Salt Pipe now while the hay fever risk rising towards peak levels. This way you’ll know how well this can work for you in the most severe conditions.

And it’s not only hay fever….

As you’ll see the Saltpipe can also help….

• Ease the symptoms of coughs, colds and flu
• Alleviate asthma symptoms
• Relieve snoring for better sleep
• Improve your lung capacity and treat shortness of breath
• Reduce the damages to lungs caused by smoking

For more information, take a look at this new webpage we’ve put together for you: click here to find out more about the Saltpipe. Anyway, I hope the allergy conditions aren’t as bad as the experts predict… especially as my wife has hay fever AND asthma (she has used a Saltpipe for a few years!) …but even a regular summer can be a misery, so it’s worth trying all the options.

Until next time, stay healthy and sneeze-free!


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