Turns out that this pain problem is total preventable


  • New research shows that arthritis in the knee is not inevitable…
  • …it’s completely preventable
  • Why rates of osteoarthritis in the knee have doubled since World War II.

This revelation might annoy you…

Or potentially it could be good news, too.

Particularly if you suffer pain in your knees, something that affects 18% of all people aged over 45 (astonishing statistic, isn’t it?).

You see, for decades we’ve been told that arthritis in the knee is largely inevitable.

It’s just because you’re getting older, you see?

Wear and tear, that’s all.

Except that this conventional wisdom has been turned on its head.

And by scientists with hard data too, rather than naturopaths, complementary physicians, conspiracy theorists, and other groups that normally get dismissed by the establishment for saying such things.

According to Danial Leiberman, professor of biological science at Harvard University, many cases of arthritis could have been avoided.

It turns out that it’s NOT an inevitable consequence of ageing at all, but a completely preventable problem.

Which is pretty annoying if you’re in the advanced stages of arthritis in the knee and you’ve had to give up things like gardening, driving and sport.

But then again, it’s encouraging if you’re not yet a sufferer, or it’s early days for your knee pain. Because potentially you could do something about this problem.

Four causes of knee pain you can address right now

As I pointed out a few weeks ago, knee pain can often be down to your feet. When the bones in your feet are misaligned by footwear and poor posture, it puts stress on your knee joints.

This is why I recommended foot alignment insoles which you can still get from our website here.

By wearing them inside your regular footwear, you can naturally realign your feet, taking the stress and impact away from your knees.

This latest study from Harvard University helps back up this theory.

Because scientists now agree that your footwear could be one of the problem factors.

And not only the shape of many modern shoes, but the hardness of the pavements your feet pound on every day.

This constant impact can accelerate the thinning of the cartilage that protects your knees. It can also shift the joint out of position.

Perhaps even your diet is a risk factor too, as there’s a link between arthritis and eating too many refined sugars, as well as a connection between obesity and sore knees, overloaded with too much weight.

Added to this, there’s our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

We spend so much time now at our computers, working or communicating with friends. We walk far less and spend more time in our cars. We spend our evenings sat in front of TVs, laptops, smartphones and other technologies.

Over time, with too much sitting, some of the muscles around the knee can begin to atrophy while others tighten. Again, this causes strain and misalignment.

I know this problem very well as it happened to me in my 30s when my kneecap slid very slightly out of place for this exact reason, causing excruciating pain, even when I was lying down.

It took 6 months of Pilates to re-align my leg, despite the GPs insistence that it was all down to a bicycle strain (it wasn’t!).

I still sit too much of the time, so by no means am I lecturing you here. In fact, writing this email makes me very aware of how much I am at risk of developing knee arthritis later in life.

Why prevention has to be the way forward

So there we have it…

Diet, weight gain, lifestyle, footwear and our environment are what cause most knee pain and strain, leading to osteoarthritis.

This is why rates of osteoarthritis in the knee are double what they were in the first half of the Twentieth Century.

We’re victims, really, of modern society.

Yet when you go to your GP this is rarely (if ever) talked about. What happens instead is that you go for x-rays and tests and end up on painkillers.

It means we’ve been going about the problem totally the wrong way and throwing away millions of pounds on cures when prevention would have been far easier.

Worse, there are millions of people out there right now in pain, their lives ruined, when it wasn’t even necessary.

The study’s lead researcher Professor Lieberman said: “Right now our society is barely focusing on prevention… so we need to redirect preventing this and other so-called diseases of ageing.”

Just imagine…

Multiple thousands of people could avoid taking arthritis drugs and suffering from side-effects if only GPs and medical advisors helped people understand the true cause of the problem.

All it could take is exercise, diet and good footwear (try these Foot Cradles for size here: foot cradles).

Well, that’s it from me. I am genuinely going to take my advice and do some more exercise next week. I’ve spent a lot of time staring at medical reports and articles on a computer screen!

Hope you can get out and about too.

Until next time, stay healthy and pain free,


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