Revealed, the truth about the juice the cured 45,000 of cancer



  • I investigate the claims behind Rudolf Beuss’s 42 day raw juice diet…
  • How motorcycling legend Barry Sheene fell foul of the wrong health advice
  • Why you shouldn’t trust everything you read….

I subscribe to a lot of health newsletters.

And I mean a LOT.

If you think your inbox is cluttered, you should see the state of mine. I have a whole email address purely for health bulletins.

The idea behind them is that they help you understand the world of medicine, nutrition and alternative therapies. They give you opinions you don’t get in the mainstream newspaper websites or magazines. And they give you a practical approach to daily health.

Well, that’s the idea anyway.

But a lot of them seem to pump out ANY health idea they come across without really scrutinising it or doing the background checks.

There was one today (naming no names) that said

“Cancer Cells Die In 42 Days: This Famous Austrian’s Juice Cured Over 45,000 People From Cancer…”

Okay, so that’s pretty interesting.

The email linked to an article about Rudolf Breuss (1899-1990), an Austrian naturopath who wrote a book about using a 42-day raw juice diet to treat cancer. He claimed to have healed forty-seven thousand cases of cancer this way.

The article helpfully listed the ingredients of this super-juice. * Beet – contains compounds that inhibit the growth of tumours * Carrot – carotenoids in carrots have anti-cancer effects.

  • Celery – a substance called Apigenin in celery has been associated with reduction of cancers of the skin, prostate, breast, and digestive tract.
  • Potato – contains a high concentration of vitamin C to help slow a tumour’s growth.
  • Radish – these are packed with fibre, folate, vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals

There is nothing wrong with all this, because it gives you a fantastic juice recipe to try at home and there’s no doubt that is healthy and anti-carcinogenic.

I’d recommend you get out your blender and give these a whizz! Make sure you put in one ingredient at a time so that it blends smoothly.

But here’s my problem with the article…

It says “there is ample documented evidence that the ingredients in his juice have the effects claimed.”

That might be true… ish… though I note that some of them are “linked to” reductions in tumours rather than proven to have a direct effect.

But does this mean that drinking this raw juice for 42 days (and eating nothing else) is a cure for cancer?

I did a bit of research on this and discovered that a lot of people take Breuss’s advice and use the 42 days “juice only” regime to treat their cancer.

Famously, Barry Sheene, the motorcycling legend, decided to follow the Breuss method when he discovered he had cancer in 2002. Friends urged him to follow conventional treatments as well as the juice diet, but he said:

“I’ve made a decision about not doing chemotherapy and that’s it. I’m putting my faith in the natural way.”

He died after fighting the disease for only eight months, aged 52.

If you look at this piece of research here you’ll see that “There is no acceptable evidence to support the Breuss Cancer Cure as a cancer treatment. The fast could cause malnutrition and patients are advised to discontinue conventional cancer treatment.”

So here’s what I think…

  • Drink raw juices! Absolutely, the super-juice that Breuss advises is something bursting with anti-cancer properties and absolutely be something we should try, whatever the state of our health.
  • Even better, make sure you get more raw food into your diet, trying a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to get a good balance of nutrients.
  • Try supplements, if your diet isn’t good enough. Use juicing as a short-cut method of getting nutrients quickly if you’ve a busy life (and that’s most of us to be frank!)
  • And yes, if you are seriously worried about cancer, then (after talking to a doctor) consider a raw food diet high in those ingredients Breuss recommends.

But consider the risks of throwing your eggs in one basket and picking only ONE solution, just because a book is well argued or you’ve been convinced by an email health bulletin.

The key is to use many methods together, following medical advice where necessary, but also taking control yourself using dietary, complementary and natural remedies.

Also, don’t always trust what you read. For instance, that research report I showed you says, that in one version of Breuss’s book about the 42-day cure, he does NOT say that you shouldn’t try conventional medicines alongside the treatment.

It could be that people with strong wellness agendas have hijacked his work to press their point.

If you type ‘Rudolf Breuss cancer cure’ into Google you get reams of articles repeating the same claims, so it’s not surprising that people think it’s an absolute given that this works.

But look – even the official description of this book called Rudolf Breiss Cancer Cure (Correctly Applied) says this:

“Although this method of treatment cannot guarantee complete success, it is viewed as a supportive therapy with prospects in treating a wide variety of cancers.”

Note the phrase, ‘supportive therapy’.

In other words, this something that’s really powerful, but NOT always effective, and which people should use alongside other approaches – surgery, for instance. That makes a lot more sense to me.

Yet why do most blogs pass it off as a single method cure-all?

Possibly because it makes a better headline, gets more traffic to the site, more clicks and more social media shares (retweets, Facebook likes and so on). That’s fine, but when it comes to health, it can put dangerous ideas in people’s minds, particularly when they take the article at face value.

But that’s why I’m here, to do the digging and research for you!

If you’d like to read more of my investigations, rants and revelations, make sure you pay a visit to the website where I post all my articles and recommendations.

Until next time, stay healthy!


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