The weird pipe that actually eases breathing problems



  • How this pipe and a Transylvanian mine could help you breath more easily and relive hay fever

I’ve been writing a lot about sleep recently.

One of the big obstacles to a good sleep that I didn’t mention in the last email was snoring.

And not only snoring but other breathing problems that can affect your ability to sleep (or get to sleep) including shortness of breath, congestion and bad coughs.

It’s particularly true at this time of year. My wife gets really wheezy with hay fever – and then that triggers her asthma (Sampson bed times are fun – just the relaxing environment I need before sleep!)

Yes, of course there are well-known drugs, drowsy medicines, inhalers and contraptions you stick on your nose to help you breathe at night or when you’re ill. They come with side-effects or are simply uncomfortable.

But one remarkable natural way of dealing with these kinds of problems is to use a pipe like this one.

I know, that’s a bit weird, isn’t it?

…A pipe that HELPS breathing?

But this pipe doesn’t involve smoke. It contains salt. And not any old table salt inside either…

This is a very specific kind of salt that comes from Eastern Europe. It has long been used as therapy for people with respiratory problems such as asthma, hay fever, snoring and congested sinus.

The power of natural salt was discovered in 1843, when a Polish health official noticed that salt miners had unusually healthy lungs, avoiding many of the respiratory disease that plagued regular miners.

Since then, people have flocked to salt mines in Poland, Austria and Romania for help with asthma, hay fever, bronchitis, snoring and chronic coughs.

In Wieliczka, Poland a hospital was created inside the salt mountain itself! In these natural salty chambers they’ve treated thousands of lung disease and allergy patients with an over 90% success rate.

I realise that this might sound like a whacky natural health remedy. But think of what happened to the British seaside in the Victorian times. They became health resorts in the winter for wheezy lunged spinsters and old writers with consumption.

It was the salt air, you see….

But you don’t need to live by the sea, or visit Polan, Austria or Romania. Neither do you have to go to the salt rooms cropping up in many cities.

If you take a look at this webpage, you’ll see there’s a natural device called a Saltipipe, where you can get salt therapy in the palm of your hand.

As you’ll see, it’s been reviewed and had the thumbs-up from OK Magazine, The Sun, The Daily Mail and other publications.

Here’s the Mail quote (you can find more on the website here.



But as you know, we take many tabloid health articles with a pinch of… er… salt… so we’ve been trying them out at the People’s Doctor office.

How the salt pipe actually works

The concept is simple. Inside the pipe are tiny salt crystals. As you breathe in, the air absorbs the particles and cleans out your air passages. Fifteen minutes is about all you need.

However, we’d recommend that you don’t simply go out and buy any cheap saltpipe, thinking they all do the same thing. Unfortunately a lot of them use low quality salt, which doesn’t have the same medicinal effect.

This one here is reliable, refillable and uses good quality Eastern European medicinal salt. The active ingredients are miocene salt crystals, composed of sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium.crystals. They come from the Translyvanian Praid Salt Mine, a place famed for its therapeutic qualities.

You can use the salt to:

  • reduce wheeziness and shortness of breath
  • control snoring and get a better night’s sleep
  • clear out your sinuses
  • control chronic coughs and asthma
  • naturally minimise the effects of hay fever
  • keep your air passages clean and pollution-free

So that ends my run of sleep-based emails for now. In the past week we’ve found out that sleep helps your brain DELETE memories so you can make room for new ones and concentrate better.

We’ve found out that humans used to have TWO sleeps and that we don’t necessarily need an eight hour sleep every night.

We’ve worked out that lavender is the best thing to have in your room at night, as it puts your body into a relaxed state….

…And that wearing socks in bed helps you get to sleep faster.

Finally, we’ve discovered that breathing salt crystals from a mine in Romania can help with snoring, asthma and hay fever more on that here.

So what NEXT for The People’s Doctor?

I’ll let you know on Saturday…

Until then, stay healthy!


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