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Terra Wash

  • Why detergents are bad for you
  • A remarkable innovation from Japan that means you won’t need to fork out for washing powders and liquids ever again
  • Protect your health and help the environment by washing with this instead: click here to find out more

This is what children have wanted to hear for years…


Or certainly, washing your clothes with tonnes of detergents and softeners day after day is not good for you.

Detergents work by removing oils from your clothes – which is what they can also do to your skin, stripping away essential oils. This is why many detergents tell you to ‘avoid direct skin contact’.

As well as skin rashes, long term exposure to detergents can cause breathing problems, allergies and other immune response irritations.

Researchers have also discovered that detergents can interfere with our body’s hormone balance, leading to an increased risk of heart disease and depression.

Some of the chemicals we use daily in our wash can boost oestrogen levels, increasing breast cancer risk for women and lowering fertility in men.

Added to that is the effect on the environment….

After you’ve washed your clothes, the detergents don’t simply vanish, they head down the drain and out in to the ecosystem. They leach into the water table. They enter river systems, lakes and coastal areas where they mess up nature’s delicate balance of bacteria and chemicals, affecting wildlife.

But look, I realise that it’s easy to be preachy – and I’m not trying to be. We live modern lives and it’s hard to be good and ethical in every task we carry out.

After all, try turning up for work in smelly clothes! See what happens then.

Society requires that we have clean clothes that don’t stink of bolognaise, beer and dog fur. So really we NEED washing powders and liquids, right?

Well, no…

Here’s something utterly brilliant which our research team have found… a GENUINE alternative to washing with chemical detergents that gets better results for your washing. It’s something you can use time and time again, too.

Take a look at this webpage for an innovation from Japan called Terra Wash.

I have to say, I’ve not heard about this before, and I usually get early notification of the alternative and natural health breakthroughs out there.

So this is exciting for me and I’m definitely going to use this at home!

How magnesium washes your clothes the healthy way

I’ve been writing to you a lot recently about the need to top up your body’s magnesium, particularly if you want better sleep, as well as treating issues like nausea, exhaustion, insomnia, restless legs, cramps, acid indigestion, cramps, low mood, dizziness, poor memory and anxiety.

Well, here’s a turn up (excuse the pun) I didn’t expect…

You can actually use magnesium for washing your clothes in a healthy, eco-friendly way.

A new innovation from Japan called ‘Terra Wash’ is a magnesium-rich laundry system that could save you a tonne of money on washing detergents, softeners and other products…. while reducing your exposure to harmful effects of constantly using chemicals on your clothes…

All with the added bonus of helping protect the planet.

The Terra Wash pad is filled with highly purified magnesium. In contact with water it generates bubbles of hydrogen and forms ionized alkaline water with increased pH levels. These makes it easier for water to remove dirt from fabrics, as well as mould, bacteria and odour.

You simply place the pad in the machine with your dirty clothes. No need for any liquids, powders, or crazy power balls….

After you’ve finished the wash you don’t throw away the pad, you dry it with the rest of the washing and then you can use it again – and again – and again. In fact, you get 365 washes from one pad.

Now I realise that a lot of people will be sceptical that something new can truly replace the washing products that we’ve used for decades.

But if you look at our website here, there’s lots of evidence to show you that Terra Wash is better at washing your clothes.

Here’s just one of the results tables showing how good it is at removing odours:

For more information on these results click here.

What’s more, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can try it on your washes for 35 days and if you’re not completely happy just send it back, and I’ll make sure you get a full refund.

Test it for 35 days and see what you think

Seriously, give this a go. It will save you an absolute tonne of money in the long term, never mind the health implications or the benefits for the environment.

• You get 365 washes over a year, so basically you could use this one pad every day from now on.

• In that time you won’t have to buy any other washing powders, liquids or funny plastic balls.

• Because it doesn’t make suds you don’t need a rinse cycle, which will save you money on water and power.

• And when your 12 months is up Terra Wash will decompose in your garden and imbue it with much-needed magnesium.

There are many more benefits that you should check out – they’re all listed here: The Benefits of Terra Wash.

Give it a spin, as they say!

PS: Western society’s obsessive over-use of detergents has led to a boom in skin sensitivities and allergic reactions in children. But we now have the means to give up our dependency on chemical-laden supermarket cleaning products. For a better alternative, click here.


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