The health problem ONE in FOUR of us will get – and yet too many ignore it



I had a sad experience about 12 years ago.

In my office at a London publishing house was a marketing executive I worked with fairly often.

He was quiet guy who kept himself to himself, but sometimes came out after work for a drink, or had a boogie at the Christmas party. I remember he spent a lot of time at the multi-gym so he had muscles and a good complexion…

Not like me! Despite writing about medicine and nutrition for a living I was not yet married and had no kids, so I went out for the post-work drinks a bit TOO often… I often looked sallow and ragged, like some doomed 18th Century romantic poet.

On the other hand, it seemed like he’d be the sort to live to 100.

Anyway, not long after I left the company for pastures new, I heard some terrible news.

My former colleague had thrown himself off Beachy Head.

It was shocking to know that somebody I knew day-to-day could be harbouring such painful thoughts and emotions. That he’d gone through that terrible loneliness while surrounded by people – and we never knew!

I was thinking about him on Monday – which was World Mental Health Day. Really, it’s almost ridiculous that we need national campaigns to promote this subject when the problem is so widespread.

According to statistics one in four of us in UK will suffer from a mental health problem in our lives, anything from stress and anxiety to depression and psychotic episodes.

So it’s an outrage that mental health is not prioritised enough by the medical establishment.

Now before I continue… if you have ANY worries about serious mental health issues, I’d urge you to seek out help and advice as soon as you can. That goes without saying. Never feel embarrassed or that your problems aren’t worth the bother.

There’s only so much a service like the People’s Doctor can do. For someone like my former colleague, no email newsletter could have hoped to intervene!

So I’m not going to pretend there’s any easy solution to clinical depression.


Many of us suffer minor mental health issues that need to be sorted too

A lot of people go through life with smaller issues that niggle at them… minor bouts of stress and anxiety that aren’t serious enough to warrant professional help… yet they can be really damaging to your quality of life and even your physical health.

There are a lot of low-level mental health issues that millions suffer, thinking it’s just part of who they are, or “it’s life”, and they don’t bother anyone with it.

The trouble is, they can cause so many knock on problems…

Insomnia, lethargy, chronic pain, stress headaches, poor posture, relationship breakdowns, triggering more serious mental health problems.

Really, we should nip these in the bud, not only for the sake of our mental health, but our general wellbeing – and that of our friends and loved ones.

For instance…

• If you feel like you’re unhappy with your lot…

• If old hobbies and interests aren’t fun anymore..

• If you’ve lost your way and don’t have that spark you once had…

• If you feel anxious, irritable and sad for no reason…

• If you get periods where you’re not interested in what’s happening to you, or to those around you…

• If you feel in despair at the world (easy at the moment with the relentlessly worrying news!)

• If you feel constantly in pain or lethargic, but there’s no diagnosis…

If any of these ring a bell, then here’s something that I recommend: How to Change Your Life in Just One Minute

47 mind exercises to improve your sense of wellbeing

This is a brilliant little handbook designed to ride you of hang-ups and anxieties, boost your confidence and get you back on the mood for life.

How? Well, it contains 47 cleverly designed ‘one-minute psychological games and activities’ that will help change your mindset.

It was this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day that got me thinking about this book about a month ago.

The theme was “psychological first aid”- finding ways that you can pre-empt and control psychological distress. I think of this handbook is like a first aid kit you can keep by your bedside or in a drawer at work – for when you need it.

It shows you practical ways to solve problems that have been nagging at you… spot negative thought-patterns that can cause depression… and improve your relationships with friends and family members.

When I knew World Mental Health Day was coming up, I got the team to put up this report for you where you’ll discover gems like this…

• What does the way you act in social situations say about you – and how can you change it?

• How to undo childhood conditioning or experiences that keep you stuck in destructive habits

• Suffering in an unpleasant situation or have an unsolvable problem? Take this psychological perspective of your situation and you may be amazed

• Has your whole life been ruined by a parent or another? Here’s how to exorcise and heal the damage and grievances today

• Discover why some people are programmed for unhappiness – and how to flick the switch to happiness instead

If you’re interested in finding out these solutions, then The People’s Doctor has arranged a trial where you can put Change Your Life in Just One Minute to the test without risking anything.

Click here for more details

I hope you find something in this that “clicks” and makes your life just that little bit better!


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