The natural cholesterol medicine wrongfully shunned by the fat police

  • Why the propaganda about this cholesterol-boosting food was wrong
  • How this green fruit can help you lose weight, control blood pressure, boost your brain and keep your heart healthy
  • An easy way to control your blood pressure


Pity the poor avocado.

For years it was shunned as a fatty, unhealthy food. The ‘fat police’ included it in their many dietary no-nos.

That was before we realised that decades of anti-fat propaganda by the medical establishment and food industry were plain WRONG.

Turns out fat wasn’t the root cause of all our problems, to be cut out of our diet at all costs, replaced with carbohydrates or specially manufactured ‘fat free’ alternatives.

Instead, we all listened to the experts (well, most of us) and the nation got fatter, while missing out on delicious foods like avocados.

Worse for the avocado, nobody seems to know if it’s a fruit or a veg.

“Veg,” insisted my wife Amelia yesterday.

“Fruit,” I said. “Definitely a fruit.”

(I’m right. And if you’re a fan of trivia, then the following are also technically fruits: beans, cucumbers, olives peppers, squash and tomatoes!)

Anyway, far from being a naughty fatty treat to be eaten guiltily, avocado is actually a food you SHOULD eat regularly.

In fact, it’s deemed “a perfect food”.

A study in the Nutrition Journal has found that avocados are associated with a lower body weight and lower waist circumference. This can helps reduce what is a major risk factor for heart disease and diabetes.

  • Avocados can reduce hunger pangs by 40%, and for up to 5 hours! So if you’re on a diet, try one of these as a lunch time snack and keep yourself hunger-free for the afternoon.
  • Avocados contain beta-sitosterol a chemical which helps maintain a healthy levels of good cholesterol.
  • Avocados are packed with  vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent cancer and is far superior to synthetic vitamin E, which can be toxic
  • Avocados contain potassium, which helps keep your kidneys healthy and your blood pressure under control.
  • Avocados lower help keep a healthy blood flow to your brain, feeding with plenty of nutrients and energy and lowering the risk of a stroke. The oleic acid in avacados helps create myelin, which protects your nervous system and brain.
  • Avocados can decrease the risk of metabolic syndrome by 50%, lowering your risks of heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes.

At the People’s Doctor, we’d recommend half an avocado each day. It doesn’t matter if it’s eaten on its own or put with a salad (if you’re a meat lover, it’s particularly good on a burger).

Some tips for you: wait until the avocados are soft and ripe. When you cut the avocado, squeeze lemon onto the green flesh to stop it turning brown. Keep the spare half soaked in lemon and wrapped in cling-film to stop it turning into something out of a horror film.

However, if you dislike avocados and want to keep your blood pressure under control, there is an alternative – or at least something you can try alongside your dose of avocado…

An easy way to control your blood pressure

Active Circulation is a 100% natural formula that contains 48 cleansing and stimulating plants that can help improve circulation problems.

They include red vine leaves, gingko leaf extract, meadowsweet flower heads, fenugreek seeds, yarrow flower heads, witch hazel leaves, green tea leaves, European Ash Leaves, sage flower heads, blackcurrant leaves, rosemary leaves, thyme flower heads…

…The list goes on. This is packed with the nutrients you need to help your heart stay healthy.

There are no side-effects, so you can take this natural formula with other treatments and medication. To try it out, risk free, take a look at this page on our shop with more details.


Richard Sampson

The People’s Doctor



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