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  • A tale of two grandparents snoring…
  • The shock connection between this sleep problem and cognitive decline
  • How to train your breathing so you sleep better: check this out

I remember going to visit my grandparents’ house in Manchester when I was a kid.

At night things got really rowdy.

The snoring from my grandad used to shake the walls – literally my bed was rumbling.
Meanwhile, the snoring from my grandmother… just as bad.

They had this weird way of filling in the gaps between each other’s snoring.
So while one was breathing out… the other was breathing in.

It created a WALL OF SNORE.

I used to find it a bit frightening when I was a boy but I guess it was touching, really, like a lover’s duet in the night.

The next morning my granddad would come down, plonk himself at the breakfast table and grumble:

“You were making a bl**dy racket last night, dear”.

And she would say, “Nonsense! YOU kept me up all night with your snoring!”

I would sit there listening to them hurl accusations at each other with bags under my eyes and my face falling towards the cornflakes.

It seemed funny and quirky at the time… and my grandparents are long gone now… but scientists are finally beginning to realise how serious a health problem snoring can be.

Yes, it can damage relationships, destroy your love life and leave you tired and angry during the day… we all know that… but it can also do more serious physical and mental damage that’s less well known.

The shock connection between this sleep problem and cognitive decline

In April last year, the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) found shocking link between heavy snoring and cognitive decline, such as memory loss, fuzzy thinking and early signs of dementia.

The author of the study, Ricardo Osorio MD said, “Abnormal breathing patterns during sleep such as heavy snoring and sleep apnea are common in the elderly, affecting about 52 percent of men and 26 percent of women.”

He found that people with these breathing problems during sleep were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), average of ten years before people without breathing problems.

Ten years! That’s a significant difference.

However, it wasn’t all bad news…

You can delay the problem.

The same researchers also found that people who treated their sleep breathing problems could push back the symptoms of MCI by ten years, thereby cancelling out the threat.

The key is to act now. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how healthy you feel during the day. If you snore heavily, or suffer breathing problems while you sleep, then consider using this practical solution.

And try this BEFORE you resort to the common medical procedures, which can be really uncomfortable with all kinds of side effects.

An alternative to sleeping in a mask

Usually the solution for sleep apnea and heavy snoring is something called ‘Continuous Positive Airway Pressure’.

As you sleep a mask forces a stream of air through your nose to keep your throat open.

If you want to know what that might be like there’s an image of someone undergoing this not-so-pleasant treatment on the website.

Yes, it can work, but it’s uncomfortable to wear and can case dry nose and eyes, chest pain and nosebleeds. It’s unpleasantly medical and a bit undignified.

The alternative is to use a breathing trainer like this one.

Rather than wear an ugly medical contraption as you sleep, you spend a little time breathing into this during the morning, then again at night.

It helps your body breathe deeper, strengthening the muscles and regulating the rhythm in a way that reduces snoring gradually over the long run.

As your breathing gets stronger, you can adjust the settings to provide more resistance and give your muscles a better work out.

In essence, it’s like taking your respiratory system to the gym, but without the expense and hassle. It means you can go to bed and sleep like a normal, healthy person.

It will take less than 30 days to experience a marked improvement in your snoring. The manufacturers will return your money if this isn’t the case, or if you’re unhappy for any reason.

Take a look at the website.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, there’s another bonus treatment that comes with this breathing trainer that’s worth trying. It’s a way to stimulate the sensory nerves of your nose, opening the nasal passage and preventing snoring. See the website for more information!

That’s it from me, have a great weekend and a peaceful night’s sleep if you can!

Kind Regards


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