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  • A solution to our destructive obsession with cleanliness and killing germs
  • Try these natural solutions to cleaning products
  • …and make your own inexpensive health remedies that work just as well as the stuff in your chemist – like this recipe that uses nettles….

A little while back I wrote to you about the 5-second rule.

You know – where a piece of food falls on the floor and you have 5 seconds before it becomes contaminated?

Scientists have debunked that theory, showing that it all depends on the food type and the surface it falls upon.


As I pointed out, it’s actually WORSE for your health to panic about dirt and germs.
Our obsession with blitzing “all known germs dead” with household chemical sprays is causing an epidemic of allergies… with 150 million people in Europe suffering from allergies right now… a tally which is rising.

Good health depends on having a diverse community of micro-organisms inside your body. That means NOT blasting everything to death with high-powered cleansing sprays. This is particularly true if you’re bringing up kids, or having your grandchildren to stay. They are the most susceptible.

What’s more, most of that expensive, chemical-laden gunk you buy at the supermarket is USELESS. The US Food and Drug Administration have said recently that antibacterial soap and gel sanitisers have no special advantage.

So perhaps it’s time for a change.

Yes, modern life has many benefits…

But cleaning products and manufactured, packaged solutions aren’t really one of them.
They might be convenient to chuck into your trolley during your shop, but they’re expensive, toxic, hazardous to the eco-system and often useless.

In fact, the most healthy and cost-effective thing you can do is go back to the kind of household that typified Britain in the early part of the 20th century.

Healthy living the way it used to be

For instance, there’s a brilliant book you should read called The Traditional Household Handbook.

It’s a bible of old fashioned tips for natural cleaning, home health remedies, cooking, gardening and beauty, written by Alex Goffey who was inspired by his grandparents, both of whom lived well into their 90s in good health with a wonderful, clean home and plenty of tasty food.

He writes:

“It was all achieved on a budget without-the-over-the-counter medicine, branded cleaning products and ready-made meals.”

With this in mind, Alex set out to collect and preserve the traditional household tips and tricks that got Britain through war and depression.

These aren’t just thrifty, money-saving ideas for hard times – these should be how we all strive to live, no matter how wealthy we are, because they’re better for our health, our kids’ health and our environment.

That fact you’ll save a fortune is just an extra bonus!

You can order the book from here if you like – it’s not a complex, theoretical read, it’s all about solid practical tips you can put into use right away.

The book is packed with information, tips and recipes.

For instance, did you know you can use aspirin for washing…? Or treat squeaky floorboards with talcum powder? Or remove stains from wallpaper with toothpaste? Or revive leather furniture with milk? Or use dandelion tea as a garden fertiliser?

Well, I didn’t, that’s for sure.

It also has a load of health tips that could help you….

What an apple, lavender and nettles can do for your health

In the book there’s a fascinating old remedy involving nettle syrup, found “in faded ink in a Cumbrian farmhouse”. Old folk wisdom says that nettles can improve the quality of your blood, and this recipe is for a syrup using nettles that you can make at home.

As a side-note, I know from previous research that nettles are also a diuretic and can used to reduce the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, so this is a good recipe to know.

The book also shares an onion remedy for chilblains (and a boiled onion remedy for insomnia!), a lavender treatment for dandruff, and a way to reduce nicotine cravings with an apple.

Plus there’s a list of healing juices you can use to target specific ailments.

This is all stuff that many people used to know in households across the country. Perhaps you still cook, clean and garden the traditional way, using things you learned from your older relatives.

If so, that’s wonderful. Do email in with your tips and ideas so that I can share them in a future issue.

Let’s save this fading wisdom!

This is precious knowledge which rapidly getting lost in a time when we reach for manufactured solutions, lured in in by packaging and advertising.

Short cuts are great, but when you think of the cost of these things – and the hidden health hazards of modern products – perhaps they’re not as convenient as we thought.

I think books like this one by Alex Goffey are so important in preserving a dying culture.

And they couldn’t be more timely. Because science is beginning to show that many of the chemicals in our fertilisers, cleaning products, medicines and foods are causing damage.

Anyway, it’s worth trying these out – take a look here.

As I say, if you have old-fashioned tricks and shortcuts that help you stay health and toxin-free, then let me know.

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