An Important Point to Know about Vitamin D


  • RE: Vitamin D. This reader makes a good point
  • Why vitamin K2 help make vitamin D so much more effective
  • How to reduce risk of prostate cancer by 35%

My late Nana used to love getting emails from me.

I mean LOVE.

She only got email late in life but boy she got into it, big time.

I think she checked her emails on the hour, every hour.

Only about four people had her email address.

So she only got about one email a week.

But she stayed vigilant.

And if she got one from me, she would answer it – in lower case with no paragraph gaps or much punctuation – almost immediately.

Then she would phone me to thank me for the email.

Which kind of missed the point of email.

Anyway, I think I’m turning into her. Because I get ridiculously excited waiting for emails to come in from People’s Doctor readers after my latest issue.

I’m not a lonely guy or anything.


But I do absolutely love getting your emails. They brighten up my day and help me focus future issues on the topics that matter to you most.

For instance, I got a good one this week asking me to share a little more research on Vitamin D.

If you recall, the other week I was explaining how most of us are lacking in vitamin D during the winter, leading to…

  • Sore, stiff joints
  • Weaker bones
  • Low immunity to colds and flu
  • Less protection against serious disease
  • Depression, anxiety and fatigue

I also recommended that rather than take an oral supplement from the health store or supermarket, you try this spray which delivers the vitamin far more effectively.

Anyway, in the aftermath of that issue of the People’s Doctor I received this email from a reader:

“Found your article on Vit D interesting and relevant, though I feel that you may be missing an important point here. My understanding is that high doses of Vit D are fine but they do need K2 from Natto to put the Vit D where it is supposed to go. Without K2 there could be health issues.”

Okay so…

Yes, it’s definitely worth talking about K2 and I’m happy to provide some research on this.

Here goes…

Why THIS vitamin makes the perfect partner (and stops your arteries hardening)

Some commentators, such as Dr Mercola in the USA have pointed out that along with Vitamin D 2 supplements, you need to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin K2.

Nutrients work in tandem with other nutrients, with some more co-dependent than others.

This is the case with Vitamin D and vitamin K2.

A study back in 2013 looked at how vitamin D affected coronary artery calcification and the thickness of the arteries in your neck that deliver blood to the brain.

It showed that when you take both vitamin K2 and vitamin D, you slow down artery calcification and keep the arteries flowing freely… whereas Vitamin D on its own was far less effective.

This is because vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium for stronger bones, while the vitamin K2 ensures that calcium ends up in your bones – where it goes you good – and not your arteries, joints and organs, where calcification is very bad.

Think of vitamin K2 like the forklift driver at a warehouse, taking the deliveries and putting them on the correct shelf for later use…

…and NOT stacking them in the manager’s office, the canteen or the staff toilet.

Basically, the research shows if you are deficient in K2 you are going to be prone to hardening of the arteries and other issues related to your joints and organ health.

It’s really the same with many supplements, they all rely on you having a good intake of other vitamins too. Which I why it’s important not just to rely on popping one supplement hoping it will solve all your problems like a magic bullet.

Better to take supplements that help certain problems, while maintaining as healthy and balanced a diet as possible – even mixing a few supplements together if that helps.

And for men there’s another reason to up your intake of vitamin K2…

This study published by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition in 2008 showed that boosting your intake of vitamin K2 can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by 35%.

So how do you get more K2 into your system?

As my reader points out, one way is to try Natto.

This is a traditional, fermented Japanese food made from soybeans with bacteria called Bacillus subtilis added to it.

I’ve not tried it and, by all accounts, it’s what’s known as an ‘acquired taste’.

If you eat it and know some good recipes or sources, do let us know!

The benefit of Natto is that it’s one of the few vegan options for people wanting to boost their vitamin K2. Most other foods are animal based, for instance:

  • Chicken liver
  • Cheese
  • Egg yolk
  • Salami
  • Ground beef

You can of course, look for quality supplements too – this is something I’ll get the People’s Doctor research team onto ASAP.

For a great source of Vitamin D, we highly, highly recommend going for a mouth spray like this one for very best effect.

Anyway, thanks to my reader for the great email – I hope this issue has clarified the issue a bit!


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