The Wonder Drug that’s Not a Drug



  • An ancient ingredient with amazing powers in the treatment of inflammation
  • Discover why turmeric is so good for you
  • Why shop-bought versions of this natural healer are unlikely to help you

Imagine if you heard this announcement…

New drug helps prevent and treat lung disease, brain disease and a variety of cancers”.

That’d be something to get excited about, right?

But then the announcement continues…

“…it also helps treat rheumatoid arthritis better than current drugs.”

Wow. Even better. But there’s more…

“…and It may also help treat osteoarthritis and inflammatory conditions like lupus and inflammatory bowel disease.”

The company who made it would earn billions and it would be rushed across the globe to those who could afford it.

Yet this ‘wonder drug’ exists. It has been used in Indian medicine for centuries. And it’s not even a drug at all. It’s a basic spice you can put in food, or eat raw – and completely affordable.

This spice explains why rates of colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer in India used to be 15 times less than in the USA during the 1950s. And why Americans were four times more likely than Indians to develop Alzheimer’s.

The spice?


Or more specifically, a chemical ingredient in turmeric called curcumin.

Back in 2009 the BBC described how tests by a team at the Cork Cancer Research Centre showed that curcumin could destroy gullet cancer cells in the lab. It was also tested as a treatment for arthritis and dementia.

As of this year, there have been more than 50 clinical trials of curcumin. They show that it could have a role in treating multiple myeloma, colon cancer and pancreatic cancer. It can help ease the pain of sore joints and muscles, and reduce inflammation.

Evidence suggests that raw turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, while the cooked version helps protect your cells.

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Why it’s important to choose the right turmeric

Curcumin is one of the most powerful nutritional discoveries of recent times, but rave articles in the Daily Mail, Express, Times and other papers have set a bandwagon in motion.

The hype means that sub-par products are getting onto the market. Often these are supplements that contain only curcumin.

However, we recommend this special form of ‘Health Turmeric’ because it contains both the finest organic whole turmeric and a potent standardised extract of curcumin. What you get here a full spectrum antioxidant formula with all the important compounds found in whole turmeric.

It also includes a standardised extract of black pepper, providing 95% piperine which can improve absorption of curcumin by up to 2000%.

So please don’t be tempted by cheaper versions of turmeric in the shops or isolated curcumin. You need the whole turmeric spice as well as the curcumin or you’ll miss out on the most powerful benefits, such as:-

• Reduced inflammation in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and inflammatory bowel conditions.

• Better digestions, improved liver and gall bladder function with less bloating

• Better, less wrinkled skin and improvements in conditions like eczema and ringworm;

• A boost to your energy and mood

• Overall protection for your cells against the ravages of free radicals

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Why Ray Collin’s book is an eye-opener

As well as helping you use your whole turmeric in delicious ways, Ray Collins The Spice Healer shows you other methods of plundering nature’s medicine chest for everyday ailments, including:

• The blood pressure drug that causes insomnia, cold feet, asthma, tiredness and depression…. and a natural ingredient that could do the job just as well.

• Could this surprising natural remedy work better than a cox-inhibitor?

• The weight loss drug that can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, nervousness and sleep disorders.

• Is this supplement safer and more effective than a flu jab? Discover What REALLY killed people in the 1918 flu epidemic – (clue it wasn’t the flu itself!) and how to avoid this dangerous side-effect.

• Want to give up smoking? Why you should NEVER try this miracle “quit smoking pill” with horrible side effects. Try this herbal combination instead.

• When NEVER to take this drug for cold and flu, discover the better natural alternative.

• Why this drug for osteoporosis is being taken to court – and a natural way to strengthen your bone mass, an amazing natural remedy all the
way from Peru.

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Until next time, stay healthy,


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